Vicky B & Jada Pinkett Smith In The Same Dress

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  1. [​IMG]
    Self-proclaimed fashion icon VICTORIA BECKHAM lives up to her name on the streets of Rome during a recent Italian vacation. Meanwhile, JADA PINKETT SMITH shows off her to-die-for petit frame during the French premiere of 'The Pursuit of Happyness.'
  2. gorgeous dress :yes:
  3. Love the dress. I would have to say Jada wore it better. I like that she did something with her hair (unlike VB). I do like VB shoes better.
  4. Both are always so classy. Amazing dress!
  5. stunning dress and they both wear it jada hairdo and VB shoes..
  6. I preffer how Victoria wore it and she was not at the event like Jada hence the bolero and sunglasses.They both look amazing in it but i think Victoria has the attitudde for that dress.Victoria wore it in white also!
    Azzedine Alaia is amazing.
  7. they both look elegant! :yes:
  8. I agree with you, Jada finished the look beautifully with her hair do and makeup.

    Vicky does carry the dress well though.
  9. As much as I love both women, VB wore the dress better, IMO.
  10. I think the dress looks great on both!! I do like JP hair and makeup better, I also think VB dress with the little shoulder vest looks great.
  11. I think Jada wore the dress better personally
  12. I think that both of them look gorgeous in it but I'm going to give VB the edge!
  13. Jada still looks fantastic (minus the rockband esp)
  14. ahh its just a great dress, pure and simple, it looks fantastic on both of them!
  15. Both are rockin' it!