Vicky B In Italy ! No Not New ! Just Gorgeous !!

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. extensions already? dang.
  3. Yes, she is pretty, but how come I get this impression that she is slowly turning into plastic????
  4. Love the yellow on her!
  5. Not many people can pull off that shade of yellow. She looks sleek & sexy!
  6. Wow. I can only wish I look good in such a color!
  7. she still has short hair, that is an old pic. yellow does look good on her though.
  8. Although I love Vic to DEATH... [but :heart: her DH more :lol:] I like the dress, but the yellow has to go. First thought that came to mind: Effing hot Banana. :shrugs:
  9. :Push: Sorry but to me she looks like a tranny
  10. Oh My!
  11. anyone know the dress? Is in Lanvin?
  12. so pretty...
  13. That dress looks hot on her!
  14. thats her sister in the spots!
  15. she looks nice in yellow