Vicky B Gets Pulled Over By The LAPD

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. [​IMG] Posh gave photographers a smile - well, almost - when she was eventually let off
  3. [​IMG]
    Thumbs up: Posh, who moved over to the passenger seat, was clearly relieved
  4. I wonder why she was pulled over? I have commented in another thread that i don't like is when she smiles (it looks evil and grinch-like) but i think the half smile really suits her, the one in the car with the thumbs up just plain scares me.
  5. From what i've heard I think she was speeding, but who knows?
  6. Victoria Beckham is getting lots of attention in LA - but not always the kind she'd hoped for.

    The star has had a run in with the law on the streets of Los Angeles, where she was pulled over outside a Hollywood shopping complex by a Beverly Hills officer, who ran checks on her British driver’s license.

    Beckham put a cheeky strategy for buttering up police to the test - a yellow lacy bra was peeping out of her figure-hugging black shirtdress.

    But she needn't have bothered - she was eventually given the green light, and continued on her shopping trip.

    The Dailymail
  7. Omg She Looks Hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. is like right there to me! i hope i can spot her some day around here!
  9. I love her dress. I like when she smiles, it makes her look like a regular person. Her wedding ring is gigantic :nuts::drool:.
  10. [​IMG]
    A hoard of paparazzi were on hand to capture the moment
  11. Why did they pull her over? Was she driving on the wrong side of the road?!:nuts: J/K
    OMG!!! Don't you just LOVE her DL's pic?!:love: SO CUTE!!! And the papz!!!:shocked: WTH?!
  12. Wow she is wearing a bra.
  13. i love when she smiles like in the last picture
  14. welcome to LA Vicky.
  15. :roflmfao: That's hilarious! She does seem a little grinchy, doesn't she? Love her hair though :rolleyes: