Vicky B, David, Brooklyn & Romeo Go Indoor Skydiving

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    While most people spent the first day of the new year recuperating under their duvets after the excesses of the night before, the Beckham family welcomed in 2007 with some indoor skydiving.

    Victoria and David shelled out $2500 to treat sons Brooklyn and Romeo to a day out at the Airkix centre just outside of London.

    The picturesque family donned flight suits and goggles before entering the 150mph wind tunnel which reproduces the sensation of free fall parachuting.

    The only member of the family to miss out on the treat was one-year-old Cruz who was looked after by the nanny.

    faded youth

    Actually, what i needed was a closeup of Vicky B so that i could document her boobs for my boob oops thread...... :s
  2. For half that money, the entire family could have done a real jump!!!!!!
  3. Lucky kids!!!
  4. i wish i didn't love that Prada bag so much:love:
  5. I'm sorry but her boobs just look silly. :s
  6. aw sounds like so much fun! :biggrin:
  7. That is so cool. I would have loved to do that, dang rich people. ^^I am sure that they thought that taking their sons there was way safer than the real thing!!
  8. would be an awesome thing to do
  9. What cool parents they are!
  10. That sounds like so much fun, I want a go!!!!
  11. I did this with my boyfriend at the Airkix centre! Its great fun!

    Its good training for the actual thing (plane jump) and its a little less scary, and more child friendly. Most importantly MUCH more safe!

    Great fun!
  12. Awww so cute
  13. Pretty round for someone that claims they dont have implants eh ?
  14. So true. :yes: Nothing can beat the actual feeling of an actual sky dive! :nuts: