Vicky B Arriving @ LAX Yesterday !

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Victoria Beckham touched down at LAX yesterday dressed in fur! (FYI, the weather here in Los Angeles has been in the high 70s!) Posh depended on the kindness of LA's finest to help her navigate the airport...It's actually really cute how she's clutching that officer's hand.
  2. WTF is that monstrosity she is wearing? Gorilla-chic? *ugh* Shame on you Victoria!
  3. :yes: :yes: :confused1: :Push:
  4. I love those Rock and Republic jeans!! and WHERE can I get the hat?? She looks great as always!! So chic in black.
  5. I thought at a glance that she was wearing some new extensions in the 2nd pic!:lol: the fur is toooooo long! LOL!
  6. Did she split from DB and hook up with a Yeti?:shocked:
  7. Love VB and love the whole look!!!!
  8. Looks like she borrowed that furball from Kate Moss in another thread. Otherwise she looks good.
  9. I read somewhere that all of her furs are faux.
  10. Looks like monkey fur to me.
  11. The hand-clutching *is* cute! Thanks for the great pix, Prada's Meadow!
  12. Yes she dosent wear fur and i have seen HQ pictures it looks totally fake.
    Would look so much better if it was real like Kate Mosses was!
  13. Its not,Kates is though!
  14. Yeah Kate's jacket! I hope its faux. Love her outfit sans the scarey jacket.
  15. Really?? Oh I hope so!! :heart: