Vick's dogs finally given reprieve...

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  1. I am so disgusted. The horrors those poor dogs faced are unimaginable and the fact that people got off on it turns my stomach.
  2. there was a news clip today on MSNBC, that most of the dogs rescued from his compound are in foster care and are/have been rehabilitated. There is a rescue group in California called BAD RAP, a cute acromyn for pit bulls getting a bad rap.

    We fostered then adopted a sharpei mix, but today after seeing the photos of some of Michael Vicks rescued dogs, i know my little sharpei is in fact a sharpei-pitbull mix, and we don't care! he is the most precious grateful little guy! So don't listen to the stereotypes about pitbulls, they can and do make terrific pets! Remember, there aren't bag dogs, just bad owners!!!
  3. Poor dogs...
    i get teary-eyed every time i read what they went through.
  4. I've been following their story on best friend's website as well. I'm so happy to hear many of these dogs are getting a second chance, even with PETA advocating they be destroyed.
  5. Thanks for the update AnimalCrackers. As hard as it is to see the aftermath and long plight these poor dogs will have to endure, I believe that it is important to keep these deserving victims in our minds in our hearts as well as in our prayers. :heart:
    As Trishaluvslv's signature says:
    "you can tell the heart of a man in his dealings with animals" - Immanual Kant, Philosopher - nothing could be more true and Michael Vick got off easy in my opinion. As an avid NFL fan, myself, I will be interested in seeing what will happen to him after he has completed his lenient sentence. If any pro-NFL team is going to hire him back. I certainly hope not. :nogood:
  6. :crybaby: I can't believe anyone would do such a thing! This just breaks my heart.

    They should bring in Cesar Millan!
  7. I read a similar article on MSNBC. It just makes me want to go take out an ill advised mortgage so I can get out of my no-dogs apartment and adopt one :biggrin: My uncle has two rescued pit bulls and they are the sweetest dogs. I met his newer dog, Patrick, the day they brought him home and this was the happiest, most grateful dog I have ever seen. He just knew that life was now good; and it really is, they baby their dogs (in a good way, not like lots of unhealthy human food). Here's this big pit bull, who had been abused, on his back at my feet demanding tummy rubs like one of my cats. Heart = melted.
  8. Sure thing. My SO's only reaction to the article was: "ONLY 23 months!?". I'm so glad that they've been taken care of, and not euthanized like PETA was pushing for. It just breaks my heart to hear all the stories of the individual dogs. They are all so special and deserve a new life. I really admire all those who are fostering them.

    ^I can't remember where, but I think I read that the NFL said Vick WON'T be allowed back.
  9. this article made me so happy. i am so thankful someone is finally fighting for these dogs and loving them the way they need.
  10. I wish you were right, however I think that his pro-football career is not necessarily over. I keep my radio set to the NFL channel and the Vick story is quite often a topic of conversation. It has been said that there may be Teams that would consider re-hiring him albeit maybe not as a quarterback, but in another position. Here is an excerpt regarding his future as well:

    Observers have speculated that Michael Vick could be released from prison as early as late 2009 or not until 2019. After release, a return to professional football would depend upon terms of probation, possible reinstatement by the NFL, his physical condition and finding a potential team. It is possible that any teams considering him at that time would want to look at Vick at other positions. "I am not sure they would bring him back as a quarterback", stated one senior NFL analyst. [8] ESPN's John Clayton said it is unlikely that he would be able to play in the Canadian Football League, as it is nearly impossible for a convicted felon to get a Canadian visa. [9] However, as his last co defendant in federal court was due to be sentenced on December 14, observers agreed that Vick's pending trial in Virginia in April 2008 remains the largest unknown factor for his future.

    It's too bad that we don't adopt Canada's policies. Unfortunately I think that we would lose a lot of players throughout the season and that the teams owners would lose a ton of money if we did. I think that is the only reason we don't adhere to stricter rules. It's actually quite sad that the NFL doesn't take a harder stance.

    Unfortunately there have been quite a few pro football players with quite shady histories and felony convictions. The commisioner, Roger Goodell, vowed to "clean up" the NFL and step hard on those players who choose to break our laws - but it's anyone's guess what will happen with Vick.

    It really sickened me the last time I watched the Falcons play at home. There were a ton of fans wearing Vick jerseys and even had their small children wearing them as well! They even held up signs saying things to the effect that Vick got a "raw deal" etc. I couldn't believe it. It made me want to :throwup:! So, like I said....I think that we will just have to wait and see what happens...............:cursing:
  11. I remember watching this program about a prison that runs a dog rehabilitation program. Inmates are paired with dogs who were originally at risk of being euthanized. They work with them and train them and at the end of the program, the dogs are paired up with families.

    I thought it was the most wonderful thing.
  12. I saw that program too! It was wonderful and very therapeutic for both the dogs as well as the inmates. They had the program at a men's facility as well as a juvenile facility. Seems that the inmates could really relate to the dogs. They should make Michael Vick participate in that type of program so that he might be able to understand that dogs are loving, caring animals and not just throw-aways.
  13. Second that. It would probably be more effective then just a prison sentence. No one's heart is made of stone, if he spent some time w/ the dogs maybe he would realize the fault of his acts. Maybe he would even tell those people who say he got a "raw deal" to spend their time advocating on behalf of some real issues.
  14. Was it Puppies Behind Bars ?

    I'm glad to see these dogs are getting proper care, and learning how to be dogs again.