VickiMcB's reveal thread!

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  1. i want to see the bag 1st

  2. Bandeaus are right!
    Guesses as to which ones?
  3. anticipation.....
  4. Oh I see leopard I think?

  5. Yep! It was the last one the Las Vegas Forum Shops LV store had, and it's so fierce! A must-have!!!
    M72394 Bandeau Leo.Marron
  6. Gorgeous! I love mine! What's next?

  7. the leopard!

  8. Another bandeau!!!
    M75037 Bandeau Aiyana Perle Rose
  9. Both Bandeaus! One fierce and sexy, one soft and subtle!
  10. Ok... Now THE bag 😜😍😘
    I've had my eye on this for nearly a year. My husband was so sweet and told me to get whatever I wanted! LVoe this bag!!!
  11. Now the bag...
  12. still waiting...
  13. Looks like a "big" bag.....hmmmm
  14. seems huge!!!😄
  15. Neverfull gm ????