Vicki Newman's Bag on Young and the Restless today

  1. Did anyone happen to see the purse that Vicki Newman was carrying on the Young and the Restless today. She sat it on the counter at the "Athletic Club." I think it was a Marc Jacobs black Stam bag. Yipee. :wlae:
  2. Oh cool! I'll try to catch it during the replay on Soapnet. Do you remember when it came on? Beginning, middle or end of the show? I never seen anyone on my soap (As the World Turns) carry a MJ bag. I only recognized a Via Spiga bag once
  3. :nuts: I have it Tvo'ed I'm about to watch it right now!!
  4. ^^Oh good! Let us know if you see it!
  5. okay...there were 2 'stams' Vickie did have one, but hers was kinda hard to see. Nicki was the one who put her bag on the bar at the athletic club. but i think they were fake...they both looked really flat and just kinda blah...
    there wasn't really a good shot to tell so I'm not 100% sure....
  6. Ack! How disappointing if they are indeed fakes. I will try to catch the repeat later on this week. I'm too sleepy to stay up and watch it tonight on Soapnet.

    Thanks for the report moodysmom!