Vicious pitbull attacks old lady

  1. SHE DIED.

    :censor: DOG!!!!

    She was working in her garden while her neighbors vicious pitbull atacked her. Family say that she was unrecognizable once they saw her after the attack. fire fighters had to use an AX to get the dog off of her. Dog owners were charged with involutary manslaughter. Pitbulls are banned from kansas city...and theys hould be banned EVERYWHERE.

    how freaking sad!!!!!!!!!!! she looked like a SWEET OLD LADY...gosh. So sad she had to die in such a gruesome way.

    MORE NEWS: A sicko is now a SEAGULL KILLER. He was at KFC today ,bought a pack of fries, fed the seagulls, and then ran them over. He killed 35 of them.

    :crybaby: :shrugs:
  2. I saw the second story on the news and sat there like :wtf: That makes no sense to me at all... something is wrong with that dude

    And the first story, is just so sad and not necessary. Pitbulls are illegal there right? People do NOT need to be having such viscious dogs
  3. sad story....but dogs are only as good as the people who train them. even sweet little dogs can do a lot of gram's maltese attacked my cousin when he was a puppy and left scars. owners of viscious dogs should be punished, not the poor animals.
  4. That is so sad about the eldery lady. I don't know why people have those dogs!! Some people are so CRAZY that it is really scary!!

  5. Terribly tragic story, but very sketchy, so far^^.

    All dogs can be vicious if trained to be and/or abused, or severely neglected.

    The problem is, that on the rare occasion that a large, powerful dog attacks; the results are, obviously, far more serious than when a smaller dog loses it (which, apparently, happens far more frequently!).
  6. Terrible tragedy...very sad indeed.:crybaby:

    I agree that dogs are only as destructive as they are trained to be, but i also think that some dogs are naturally bred to be of a more vicious nature (the Pitbull for example) yet with the correct training, Bull Terriers can also actually make the 'perfect' pet!

    That said, any dog can attack - after all, they are still ANIMALS.

    It's only because we put a collar round it's neck, call it Rover and take it for walkies that it then becomes part of the family.

    My OH was bitten by a King Charles Spaniel the other day, he'd met the dog before and the dog was fine with him. The second time round, the dog obviously decided that he would rather sink his teeth in to my OH's poor leg....tetanus shot followed soon after. Luckily he's fine, but it just goes to show that all animals are unpredictable!

  7. Oh dear! :sad:

    I'm so glad your OH is OK after his ordeal, chicky!

    If that had been a Pit Bull Terrier, it would have been all over the front pages of the National papers.....but as it was 'only' a Spaniel, I don't suppose it even made the back pages of the local Gazette, did it?!!
  8. That's such a sad story. Poor lady.

    It's extremely unfair to blame the dog. Dogs are a byproduct of their owners. This is a great website if you want to learn more about the idea of "Ban the deed, not the breed".

    The most interesting part is the section on misidentification of dogs. A lot of dogs when taken in are declared to be pit bulls or rotties when they really aren't.

    Also, here's the quiz that I've seen, that asks you to identify which dog is the pit bull. Most people can't do it!
  9. I am glad that the owners were charged with something. That will accomplish more than a breed ban ever will.

    Ticklemethu, I have met more lovely pitbulls than vicious ones. They are an intelligent, loyal, high maintenance breed. The difference is the people I know are responsible dog owners and spend time training and nurturing their dogs, not skids that train the dogs to be vicious.

    Breed bans won't stop at Pitbulls. Other breeds will soon be banned - its a very slippery slope. People have to be responsible for the actions of their pets - otherwise don't have them.
  10. Thanks chloehandbags!!:flowers:

    Indeed, you're right, as it was 'only' a spaniel, it didn't make the local paper, i'm afraid!:graucho:

    He asked for the dog not to be destroyed aswell, kind soul that he is...he just wants the owner to be more responsible and put up dog 'warning' signs on her property to make visitors aware:yes:

    I'm sure if it happens again though, old spaniel might not be so lucky next time!:sad:
  11. I have a Shar Pei and an Olde Style Bulldog pup( tall bulldog, bred with Boxer and Mastiff). If I had a dime for every person that has asked me about my "pitbulls" I could buy many, many bags:crybaby:
  12. pittbulls are very obedient dogs. so it really depends on how the ownder trains them.
  13. I worked in an animal hospital when I was a teen & the small dogs were always the meanest. I would never have a pitbull as part of my family. I dont trust them at all. The only way I would even think about getting one is if I got it from a reputable breeder who knows the full pedigree/backround of their animals. 99% of them are bred by people who know nothing about the dogs they are breeding nor do they care. Our shelters here in Vegas are filled with pitbulls.
  14. Dogs can be such the sweethearts, and their behavior all rests on how they are being trained.

    Its horrible that this person decided to train his dog to hurt people :sad:
  15. I have met some of the sweetest pits in the world...they're just big tongues. LOL I always ask the owners if I can pet them because I don't just walk up to a strange dog ever.

    But I'm more scared of Chows. They're gorgeous but I've never met a nice one.

    I agree that this is a horrible tragedy but blaming the breed is just wrong. I wish people would be more responsible with their animals. I'm glad the people are getting charged.