Vic VIP?

  1. Anyone hear of this website? They claim authenticity- This is the transcript of the online chat with a representative:

    You are now speaking with Karen of vicvip.
    Lisa: hello?
    Karen: Hi
    Lisa: i was wondering if the bags are authentic?
    Karen: Yes we sell only authentic leather designer bags
    Lisa: Is there any chance I could get a better price on the LV Sac Chien?
    Karen: Nope if anything the price may go up. Depends on the supply we have. But it will never go below that
    Lisa: how is it that you are able to get the products at a price that is well below retail?
    Karen: We source then from overseas locations, most times in one or 2 piece
    Lisa: if I take it to a Louis Vuitton retail store to authenticate, will it pass the test?
    Karen: Sure
    Karen: Please do
    Lisa: ok, thanks. i'm going to keep browsing
    Karen: You welcome, feel free to chat with me later if you have any other questions
    Your party has left this session.

    Anyone know about this website and if they are legit?
  2. probably not! louis vuitton never wholesales outside their company.
  3. Hi, I figured they were selling counterfeits. It's amazing how they will tell their customers that the products are authentic! At least most of the website that sell counterfeits will admit they are fake!
  4. I just checked the website. I really doubt they are authentic. Their prices are about 50% off the retail. And as Everlong mentioned above, LV doesn't do wholesale
  5. you are right! its a shame.
  6. is the only authorized online retailer. For new LV, I'd only purchase from them if not the actual boutiques!
  7. Exactly. Louis Vuitton is only and ONLY sold online on

    DO NOT BUY FROM ANYWHERE ELSE. They are the only authorised sellers.
  8. I wonder how many times we will have to post this before people listen?
  9. I wouldn't trust any other sites but eluxury and the actual LV stores.
  10. If the website sell matter how good the bags are and what they claim...stay away. It's very plain and simple eventhough I was looking for other brands, big chance that other brands are also fake...
  11. Never Trust Any Online Retailer Except For Eluxury!!!
  12. you can't get a brand new LV for that cheap. sorry. it's fake. good fake from overseas.
  13. scary. i wonder how many people buy these from the website and sell them on ebay as REAL?
  14. god this site is so fake it's not even funny. i clicked a pic to see a larger pic, and it led me to this page:

    LV papers? please. LV dust bag with a sticker on it? good lord. and that cerise zipped compact! WtHell??

    and hellooooooooooo

  15. also,
    they do sell authentic bags.. authentic LEATHER "fashion merchandise". which means it's a counterfeit product, but made with the "naked vachetta" leather.