VIC gifts

  1. I've purchased my fair share of purses but never received a VIC gift. I've seen some TPFers with theirs. Do you have to purchase a certain amount in a year? Or is it dependent on you SA? I almost wanna ask my SA how I would go about getting me one of them bookmarkers:p .
  2. I think it is mostly the relationships you have with them. I bet you will become one very fast!
  3. I was just thinking the same thing! Maybe because I dont have a specific SA and bought my LV from different locations, even sometimes out of town and out of country? But dont they have the same database?
  4. I would ask the SA. I've asked at different stores (cosmetics in my case) about stuff that they don't sell and if they know you're interested and know that you're a good client, they might just give it to you.
  5. Yup, it all mainly depends on your relationship with your SA.

    The MC bookmarks are given out as VIC gifts or when the store messes up on an order, and is their "I'm sorry" to you rather than give the customer a discount.
  6. I guess it's because I want to feel special. It's funny because almost all the SA's in there knows me by name now. I even get sweet postcards from them for stopping by but still no VIC gift:sad: .
    How long of a relationship did someone have with their SA before they got their VIC gift?
  7. Does anyone have a picture of a bookmark???
  8. I've bought a lot of LV but didn't get my first gift until a couple of months ago (the Le Pateki puzzle). Then when I got my gold Miroir Speedy, my SA tucked the box with the glass trunk into the bag so I'd be surprised with it when I got home.
    Anyway, in my case, it was store loyalty that got me my gifts.
  9. They hardly give out many gifts in Australia really. I think they are much nicer there to you guys in the US, although I've received a couple of gifts here :p Just a crystal paperweight and a packet of Chinese New Year red envelopes with the "s-lock". :lol:
  10. Random fact: There is a range of different products especially created for 'Best Client' and/or to resolve problems. Baguettes Chinoises, Bougies de Voyages, Incenses de Voyages, Bookmark, Night Flight Kit... They created this line of products to avoid having to give a discount on an item currently retailing in the store. It's 2 totally different budgets. It's also in order to maintain an easy management of the inventory.
  11. You're welcome!
  12. I'm Dying for one of those Crystal Paper Weights!!

    I got the CNY envelopes though

    You guys in the US seem to have it a lot sweeter than us down under :p
  13. i got something from an sa but never bought anything from her. we were just friendly and chatting for a while and she suprised me with the eiffel tower flip book. i'm sad because our relationship was ruined. i really liked her (and not because of the gift)