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Jan 15, 2006
I saw a picotin in red vibrato at my local NM last month and thought it was the most beautiful material ever. And then I saw that Raisin vibrato birkin that mightykismet has on eBay now and completely rearranged my wishlist. I LOVE that bag.

I looked at a few more auctions of bags made of vibrato, and one of them mentioned that it was no longer being made? Is this true? Or is it just true for some models. I'd hate for it to become extinct before I'd even saved up.

Please give me all of your vibrato information!


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I've drooled over that Vibrato of MK's too:love: .
Oh those colors!

I saw this in a Herbag style in Europe last year before the Hermes bug really bit me. It was reds and nowhere near as pretty and to tell the truth I thought I was looking at fabric. I was looking on a high shelf from afar and as my husband went to pick it up I told him not to touch it. Poor guy, but we were just off a tour bus in summer and really wiped out and scraggly and I was glowing or perspiring (in Hermes! can you imagine!?)I'd dragged him in to see the elusive Birkin. Not a one.

I considered bagteria's (on fleabay) blue Herbag but will wait for a leather Birkin for my first and maybe last Hermes.
OMFG I saw a 35cm like that but wtih different colors TODAY! The craftsmanship is really beautiful. It was more of an orangy type mesh though. I couldn't believe that they were all small pieces of leather meshed together, I thought it was some kind of cloth! It was still there 4 hours ago, you may want to give the Ala Moana Hermes a call :biggrin: I think it was $7800 or so, give or take a couple hundred. In the $7000s though.
I am absolutely crazy for vibrato. I almost feel like reprioritizing all of my spending for the next year to buy that raisin vibrato birkin that mightykismet has, but I really need to replace two doorwalls at $5,000 apiece.
^^^get it at the boutique! I walked in on one the other day :biggrin: It wasnt the raisin, but it kind of shows that they are out there. I was absolutely amazed by the work that must have gone into that bag. It even comes with a cute cleaning eraser!
$7800? Wow. My husband gets his annual bonus on Wednesday...I wonder if he would notice any was missing by Friday...that is a lot less than I expected.
^^^yeah! Me too! I was like OMFG are you serious??? I would have bought it, but it wasnt the color scheme I liked and I want my first one to be solid leather or exotic skin :biggrin: I hope you get it!!! Then take lots of pics!!!
I am so glad to hear others are Vibrato lovers! I also have been lusting after this Raison Birkin by MK for a loooooooooong time....I saw a brown Hermes Her bag in a Boutique in San Fran a few years ago and marveled at the way the little leather strips where tediously put together and made such a wonderful pattern. But this color combo with the purples, blues, pinks, greens, (swoons) is to die for. I've seen Vibatro on the Birkin, the Herbag and the Picotin (this color combo too on it!) on ebay.
Sorry I am very late into joining the TPF, and just came across this it true that vibrato is no longer in production?:nogood: Would any fellow TPF be able to shed any light on this topic? I did try to ask the local Hermes store where I reside, but the majority of the SAs looked at me as if I am from outer space and talked gibberish:sad: Thank you
vibrato was retired its not exactly the most wearable material because of how delicate its is just like troika but they are really amazing personally i would not buy one but..... they are very unique and very interesting if saving up is an issue and you like kelly/birkin type bags i suggest looking into vibrato Her bags.

theres a vintage shop in paris called gabrielle gepert i saw a few vibrato her bags and they are very interesting bags and well they have the look the vibrato feel and the style !!!