1. Forgive my lack of Hermes knowledge, but how is Vibrato made and is it a particular kind of leather or a mix? Is it durable? What do others think of it? I'm not sure if either love it (have never seen it irl) or would grow weary of it because it's something of a novelty.
  2. Strips of leather that are glued together. I assume they use some type off high pressure in the process. Sorry to say that you shouldn't get too attached to the thought of owning a new one. They are discontinuing it. I really wanted a bag in vibrato and my SA gave me the sad news and said that even if one appeared, I shouldn't buy it. He claimed there were issues with leather separation, but some of our members have vibrato and have said that they had no problems. What to think???
  3. *Bumping old thread!*

    'leather separation'?:wtf:

    Is this only an issue for the Herbag/cabas & accessories (I can imagine that weight, crushing, or tension could strain the material,)

    Is this a problem for Kellys and Birkins with Vibrato panels too?

  4. Here's a very close up view of vibrato so you can see how it is made and then a pic of my vibrato coin purse:


  5. Great Picture Kallie Girl. Thank you. It's beautiful. :flowers:
  6. [​IMG]

    Love this pic!!
  7. Thank you KG, I love the look of vibrato!:heart:

    ... Is the inside of the coin pouch the same or is it lined w/something??

    I'm wondering if the strips can pull apart on a Kelly or Birkin?

    Here's mine:


    These 2 photos below are Bagteria's (I purchased the bag from her) shots: inside of my bag & a close-up of the vibrato:


    Since there are solid pieces of leather behind the vibrato panels on Birkins and Kellys, they shouldn't be so fragile, right?
  8. Oh yah, When TPF was down yesterday I read through part of the H thread on the Fashion Spot. There were a few mentions of Vibrato being an iffy choice.:s:sweatdrop:
  9. Hi Laboheme, the inside of the coin purse is a very soft (calfskin?) red leather.
  10. thanks KG.

    Very nice pic... post it at the hermes art thread!!!
  11. Oh cool!! I'd love a vib. coin pouch or wallet to use inside my grey Kelly.
  12. It´s such a gorgeous type of leather choice, almost like art. I have no knowledge about separation but I´d imagine if it did break down as a result of heavy use H would fix it free?
  13. I like Vibrato because it is colorful. It's quite difficult to maintain because of its texture. Hermes do provide a special eraser so you can rub off any dirt on the leather (but I think it's better taking it to Hermes directly for cleaning).
  14. I love Vibrato, but had no idea there were problems with it :confused1:

    That said, here is my Vibrato Trim:


    This really is one of my favorite bags. I can take it anywhere :heart:
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  15. ^ Gorgeous!!