1. Just wondering how many different combination of vibrato have you ladies seen. I hadn't seen many in person, only fuchsia/orange, and black/white.
  2. I have Brown with orange/ cream beige/ light green vibrato and Cyclamen with orange/red vibrato Birkins. I have seen Blue with Cream beige/ light blue/ light pink, brown with brown/tan vibrato, raisn with blue/pink /cream beige/, red with mainly cream beige/red...I guess that's about it. If I remember anything else, I will post again.
  3. Wow, all these fabulous combinations!!! Do you know if they make purses in fuchsia vibrato? I mean, just fuchsia fuchsia?
  4. I am sorry... I don't know about fushia/fushia... I will try to remember to ask my SA or store manager about it next time when I talk to them.
  5. Indigo and vert fonce vibrato.
  6. I saw a rouge H Vibrato and Indigo Vibrato.
  7. etaupe vibrato
  8. Don't get too excited about vibrato. Hermes has decided that there are too many "issues" with the vibrato regarding fading and separation of the leather strips and they have discontinued making it. This was discussed on TFS a little while back by some posters. I called my SA with this info and he confirmed it.
  9. Bah, that's a shame ... It's such an interesting-looking combination ...:sad:
  10. I think the opinion is depend on SA. When I read about that info. from tFS, I called my SA and store manager immediately. They told me that unless someone would try to take out leathers with a sharp object on purpose, it would not just fall apart like that. And they said about " fading", any kind of leather would have problems after using it for a long time. Not more problems with vibrato. They even confidently told me that "If Hermes quality was that poor, who would pay that big $$$ on our bags? Especially vibrato is more expensive than regular leather..."
  11. Thank goodness!!! I'm still on the hunt for a fuchsia vibrato. The one I saw was fuchsia/orange vibrato but I couldn't take that bag since I didn't like the style and that even the tiniest bit of orange makes me look bad.

    Aspen, you kept your vibrato Birkin right? That one is a real stunner.:yes:
  12. The only negative to the vibrato for me was possible snags (which the SA brought up to me). Especially with the prongs on my ring, it could happen easily for me. The 35 cm vibrato (in rouge H) was $7800. The leather was clemence.
  13. kou: Thank you for nice comment!

    I use my Brown vibrato Birkin 35 as my daily bag. I am not that careful person, either. But I have no problem with the bag so far. Actually, my SA told me that vibrato leather is close to impossible to get scratches. I bumped into a sharp corner with my brown vibrato Birkin roughly. I was scared if there would be a mark or severe scratch. When I rub on it to see if there was any mark/scratch left on it, it was just fine. NO mark or scratches:biggrin: . I love patina building up on box leather part...:heart:
  14. Wait, so the solid color part of the leather only comes in clemence or box then? It doesn't come in epsom or goatskin?
  15. With box leather, it was $8100 before tax. Tax was another about $680:yucky:. But I took it anyway since it was too gorgeous in my eyes!:rolleyes: :heart: