Vibrato Emile Coin Purse Arrived Today!

  1. Well, this has been a big spending week for me for H items. First the Eiffel Tower purse charm and now the Vibrato Emile Change Purse. I have two scarves on the way and then I must STOP STOP STOP buying!!:yes:

    The Emile change purse had been on eBay for a while, so many of you may have seen it. For some reason it just "spoke" to me and I so loved it. I debated and debated with myself and finally succumbed to its cuteness!

    I got it from Bagalley49, on the trusted tPF list, and she was a class act all the way. I picked it up at the post office today and I love it!:yahoo: The colors go nicely with my Vert Anis Dogon and Bleu Jean Ulysse. I had not seen Vibrato in person before and I am very impressed.

    ALMOST A DISASTER: While I was downloading the pictures I heard a noise in the other room. After taking the pics I had just sort of tossed the wallet, Emile and Ulysse on top of my Evelyne on the entry hall table. They had fallen over and one of my Maltese had started chewing on the Emile!!! :nuts: Another second and it could have been ruined. Thank goodness it is fine but boy... what a scare!!!

    Here are some pics!


  2. Very Nice! The colors go well with your agenda and wallet!!
  3. :yahoo: Kallie. I haven't seen vibrato IRL either but your pics sure make it look tempting.....

  4. Lovely! Have to keep that leather away from the doggies!
  5. At least your doggies have good taste ! Great pics.
  6. It's lovely! Enjoy!
  7. That's so pretty! I think vibrato is fabulous, and yours makes a lovely addition to your collection!
  8. I love it! It reminds me of a Bridget Riley painting.
  9. I LOVE IT !!! It's so pretty with the Vert Anis and Blue Jean you got there !!!
  10. [​IMG]

    That is so cute, what a lovely range of colours, not seen that combination before. In fact, I don't remember seeing this accessory before, it's called Emile is it? How does it compare to the Le 24 as a change purse, does it hold more?, is it bigger, smaller and do you know the cost, from a store? I can see how it 'spoke' to you, it's speaking to me, LOL. It's such a lovely shape, looks like you could pop all sorts of things in there. DOe sit come in the usual range of leather too. Sorry for all these questions, I would love to know more about this little purse, congratulations, she's super.
  11. What great colors. I love vibrato. Congratulations!:smile:
  12. Oh wow!! What great colours!! Love it! :heart:
  13. OOOHHH! That is just soooo cute and colorful! I :heart: it! I especially love how great it looks with your other accessories. Congratulations!!!!
  14. Congrats, Kallie Girl!
  15. Hi, thanks for your nice comments. I wish I could tell you more about it, but I really don't know much!

    I paid $599 for it and the seller said the retail was $940. It was a sale item. There is an "S" inside that doesn't really show. It holds a lot. Right now it is empty! I probably will use it for coins but it also holds my Bluetooth ear piece very nicely and a few other little things that I usually carry. But I think I will save this for coins and leave the other items in my Chameleon where they are now.

    The listing said it was called: Porte-Monnaie Emile Vibrato Triangle Coin Purse and it is approximately 4" long X 3" wide.

    I am not familiar with the size of the Le 24 but if used for change, this thing will hold a ton.

    Now, you know everything that I know!:p