Vibrato, Canvas, Etoile and Crinoline... PICS ONLY!!!!

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  1. Please post photos of your bags in Vibrato, Canvas, Etoile, and Crinoline. Please indicate the color name, style bag, and leather of the bag you are posting.

    Please remember this is a picture only thread... NO CHATTER!!!

    Thank you!
  2. 30cm birkin, toile & togo combo, ebene, gh
    30cm ebene:toile combo.jpg
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  3. Kelly 28cm, Cream Boxcalf/Crin du Cheval (horsehair), Sellier, GHW.
    Crinoline.jpg Crinoline4.jpg
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  4. [​IMG]
  5. Vermillion Box/Vibrato 31cm Bolide
    Blue (not sure of exact color or leather) Vibrato Jige Elan


    vibrato28.jpg vibratojige1.jpg
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  6. Blanc Swift/Vert Militaire Canvas 35cm Birkin

  7. 35 Birkin
    Black crinolin with black barenia, palladium hardware
    Blk crinolin 10001.JPG
  8. Etoupe clemence / crinoline 35cm Birkin phw

  9. Chocolate veau evercalf / crinoline 35cm Kelly retourne phw



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  10. Natural barenia / crinoline 35cm Kelly retourne ghw

  11. 32 kelly toile and havanne barenia
    32 kelly toile and white clemence
    35 birkin toile and lagon swift[​IMG]
  12. 35 birkin toile with swift biscuit
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  13. Barenia Toile Birkin 35CM - perfectly pre-loved
    Date stamp is an E

  14. 35cm birkin, raisin box/vibrato, palladium hardware

    35cm06.jpg 35cm09.jpg 35cm14.jpg
  15. as requested, a close up of the vibrato leather

    vibrato swatch.jpg