Vibrato Birkin..

  1. Galz,I'm falling in love with a 35cm,vibrato birkin,it comes with Gold hardware (but the gold a bit dark n not a shining one,I'm a new birkin lover so I need the experts here to tell me what its called).:confused1:
    What do you galz think about the vibrato,is it nice or I better find the togo ot any other leather?:confused1:
    How about the maintenance,is it harder than togo?I'm planning to use it as my everyday bag but I'm afraid it could be dirty easily.Can I bring it to spa?
    Please...Please..I need your answers..
    Thanks in advance..:love:
  2. The hardware is probably brass. I love the vibrato, it´s so unique. I love it that it´s not on every stars hand.
  3. I like Vibrato because of the colorful layers of leather. Each Vibrato bag come with a special cleaning eraser. I don't recommend cleaning this leather yourself because the eraser is hard on Vibrato leather. I would suggest bringing the bag to Hermes for cleaning if necessary.

    Vibrato is more difficult to maintain than Togo and I don't recommend using it as a daily bag. It's difficult to remove any dirt or stain on Vibrato leather due to its texture.
  4. I love it too. But I would be afraid of carrying it as an everyday bag - it would be like using a suede bag as your everyday bag, I think. I am sure we have some vibrato owners that could chime in?
  5. Thanks for the replies,ladies..:love:

    Pursenality,are you sure they can clean the bag if its get dirty?If that so I can wear it without paranoid:sweatdrop:

    Reading the replies I think I have to think twice to use it as my everyday bag..thanks,ladies..:tup:

    Any vibrato owners please share your experiance..:woohoo:
  6. I don't use mine daily. In fact, I rarely use it. I find it gets dirty very easily. Even after spa, it is not as pristine as I would like. That said, I love vibrato, but not for every day.
  7. Vibrato can go in for spa treatment. I've not taken mine yet. Mine is mixed with box leather so it cannot be used on rainy days.
    Personally I would not use it as a daily bag unless you have other bags to intersperse it with. It seems a bit more frail than all leather bags. However it is a fabulous bag to have in ones H collection.
  8. I would not personally use a vibrato bag as an everyday bag either. Think of it almost like suede in terms of the care it needs. Some colorways of vibrato come out of spa treatments looking amazing, while others come out looking...well, still a little dirty.
    I would also consider the amount of humidity where you live, as I have a sneaking suspicion (unproven as yet) that vibrato doesn't do its best in humid conditions and needs even more care in that instance.
    I think, by the way, that the hardware must be brushed gold--not brass--is that correct? Or is this somehow a vintage bag?
  9. IMO, it's much more fragile than Box calf and I wouldn't recommend it for a daily bag at all. But it's lovely to look at!!
  10. Vibrato is really pretty IMO
  11. It's not a vintage but a friend of mine want to reduce her collection and I fall in love with the vibrato with dark brown box leather..and yes it comes with gold hardware but its a bit like bronze (because the HW not shining).She sell $5300.What do you ladies think about the price,is it too expensive or I should get it because the price is cheap enough for a vibrato 35cm birkin?:confused1:
  12. If it´s real and in good condition, I think the price is good.
  13. I purchased a used Vibrato Birkin recently...I agree it seems a bit delicate for regular use.

    I'm a hardcore Chloe(and sometimes Y-SL:lol:) gal with 3 young children, so this wouldn't be an everyday bag at all.

    Maybe a shopping-with-Mom, casual-day-out-with-DH (kids at Grams, of course) sort of bag.

    That price sounds *great*... I paid quite a bit more for mine.
  14. That is an amazing price! If you already own or can add at least one more "everyday" H bag to your collection so that you don't feel like you need to carry this one all that often, I would say go for it. You won't see another at that price again, I don't think.
  15. :tup:
    Thanks,ladies..I will post the pict soon and if you all say thats ok with the bag then I'll make the payment..thanks..:love: