Vibration Training - does it work?

  1. I did a quick search for this and was surprised not to find this mentioned anywhere.

    Does anyone have a Vibration trainer or use one regularly. Do you think they are a good way to try to get in shape if you are a lazy lardass?

    This is a link to the kind of thing i'm talking about

    It seems like an ideal shortcut for the likes of me who just refuses to do any actual physical exercise. But can shortcuts really work, am I deluding myself ?
  2. I use a power plate every other day for a 15/20 min work out. I use it mostly for stretching and massage after a 50 min cardio work out to combat lactose build up.

    Try it but my opinion is it is not a quick fix to get fit or tone up.
  3. if it sounds to good to be true it probably is

    there are no 'shortcuts' to working out daily and eating healthy
  4. Guess you're right, am going to try it seriously at least 4 times a week for 2 weeks and see if it does anything. It's got to be better than nothing??
  5. The recommended use is max every other day - you need at least 48hrs in between each session.
  6. I think you prob. meant lactic acid, not lactose :p

    How do you use it for massage? Like lay on it? Also, is it a gym or a fancy at home model?
  7. OMG :shame: sorry I do most of my posting in work, very quickly when the boss isn't in. Brain said one thing, fingers typed another.

    It's a gym model, and yeah it's basically lying on it. The link shows all different types of exercises. I really enjoy using it, I find it especially good for cool down and stretch. I'm just not overly convinced that it is toning me up, the only way to know for sure would be just to use the power plate as the only form of exercise.
  8. Uh...yeah. You're deluding yourself. I can't see how that would do anything for your body unless you were totally bed ridden. Your muscles probably do more contracting when you get up from the couch to grab a drink.
  9. I agree, I think it sounds too good to be true, but then again who knows. I used it for 20 minutes. It made me sweat a little bit...and itchy :smile: I still prefer the treadmill, bikes, and other cardio machine.
  10. Thanks for sharing some of your infinite wisdom Charles, but i'm going to continue deluding myself.

    After a 10 min total body workout (that's what the program is called) I did feel a bit knackered and the next day my arm ached when I was drying my hair...

    So riffraff, thanks for your input, i'm going to try it 3 nights a week, it will be my only form of exercise apart from walking to work which i've done for years anyway and it doesn't do much as I tend to stroll...

    BTW, anyone think I should be worried about the twitch i've developed in my left eye ;)
  11. Please let me know how you get on Audrey - I'm really interested to find out if it can tone on it's own.

    p.s good on you for walking to work stroll or not, it's still exercise - I know so many people that get in their car to go the corner shop, let alone walk into work and back.
  12. ok, so those articles are pretty down on the whole thing but i'm going to keep on. For me, it's got to be better than nothing. Will report back in a couple of weeks...
  13. Haven't fallen for it myself although it is the new craze here LOL!
  14. I just poked in because the title of this post was so funny! It immediately made me think of beginner's vibrators -- the small pink ones that sell for like $5. :biggrin: