Vibram RED soles in TX

  1. In doing some research, I found this retailer/shop/shoe repair place that has red soles in stock in TX.

    It looks like they have three generations worth of experience.

    So, for ya'll lucky enough who are close by, show us some pictures when they're done! ;)
  2. My cobbler uses Vibram, but they only carry the black, tan, and brown. I am going to give them this information and maybe they can order the red Vibram. I wonder if it is difficult for the cobblers to get it from their Vibram vendor.
  3. wow I wonder if anyone here has used this place? IF so , please post pics and let us know what you think of the craftsmanship...

  4. Thanks for finding this place! Its always nice to know of another place who carries the red
  5. I don't think it is hard for them to get it but the minimum order quantities, for both sheet and half-soles, makes it only financially viable if there is a reasonable demand for them. Also, they may not want to take up storage space for slow moving stock, especially if it is a small establishment.
  6. ^^^ I told my cobbler about them and he told me to email him the link because his Louboutin client base is increasing.