Vibe The Boutique ~ 50% Off For 2 Days Only

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  1. That's worth taking a looky, Thanks!
  2. 50% off what exactly?
  3. I thin it's everything, flashgirl! I tried it on sale items, and it works!
  4. bagachondriac would you be able to paste the email here please? I am trying to see if revolve can match this :graucho: Thanks a lot!
  5. [​IMG]
  6. it works on sale items! just make sure to use all capital letters, OCT12 (not oct12).

    i got a pair of joe's jeans rockers - originally $110 > sale $83 > now $41.50! :yahoo:

    THANK YOU!!!
  7. Thanks! Wish I saw this earlier! Still some great deals to be found:yahoo:
  8. Just received an email stating that this sale has been extended, however there was no date given!
  9. Does anyone know if they are still in business? I have problems with my order and their website is down, and no one is picking up the phone...
  10. ^^^^
    I had problems with my order too! Emailed them SEVERAL times and called to an inbox that was full every single time. I even called their store in AZ. which was closed. They did finally email me back. Said they were moving. Was my problem resolved? Unfortunately, no!
  11. Thanks Rolexgirl~ Both emails I sent to them were bounced back :thinking: And of course I left a voicemail and no one returned the call, I now have no choice but to go through my credit card company :sad:
  12. My most recent email just bounced back and their site is not coming up. Not looking too good:tdown:
  13. I am sorry to hear that! I went through my CC and they will try contacting them on my behalf. Good luck to you!