Via Spiga

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  1. What are your thoughts about Via Spiga handbags? Do you consider them to be designer? Do you guys know where I can buy any of their bags?Thanks:biggrin:
  2. I'm not sure about high-end designer but I do like some of their styles.
  3. I have a marvelous white patent leather clutch by them and I love it!

    I don't really know where you get them since mine's was a gift from my mom.
  4. I don't know about designer... I won't even buy their shoes if they're not on sale.
  5. I love their shoes...their boot especially. Their leather has held up so well and the workmanship is fantastic!!!
  6. I don't consider them a high end designer like Fendi but a designer none the less. I do like their bags though, the leather is good, quality good
  7. Ditto! Great shoes. Don't have any bags to compare.
  8. I love their shoes and some of the bags are nice too. There is a store in NJ so there must be more around.
  9. I have a bag and two pairs of Via Spiga boots. The quality is excellent and the price is right. I actually bought my bag and boots at a Via Spiga outlet in New York. (Woodbury Commons.) You can check out some of their stuff at
    I think they also have a store locator. Good luck!!!
  10. I like some of their bags on
  11. Via Spiga shoes and bags are of excellent quality! I have a Via Spiga bag that I purchased at TJ Maxx almost 3 years ago; still get compliments on it!
  12. Some bags are okay.. some of them just have really annoying details that would cause me to not buy them...
  13. THANKS guys!:nuts: I recently discovered this brand, but I wasnt to sure about it, its not as low quality as say Dooney and Bourke, right?
  14. I love their shoes! And this is from someone who doesn't like shoe-shopping! :smile:
  15. i don't really care wether they're designer or not but the quality is good, i have one black suede bag from via spiga, my mom gave me that from her trip to NY years ago,maybe 2002, n its still in a good condition rite now n i still wear it quite often
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