Via Spiga sandals

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  1. Has anyone worn this brand I’ve never tried them and found these at Zappos. I need a new pair of strappy sandals for this summer and I have foot issues (broke my left foot last year and my little toe this year) and wanted to know if they are comfortable.
  2. I don't have any Spiga's but I've heard the brand is very good. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  3. Don't know anything about them, but they look nice. . .
  4. I have two pairs of Via Spiga dress boots and they are very comfortable. I don't own Via Spiga sandals.
  5. Via Spiga makes great shoes! Very reasonably priced... they're pretty comfortable, they have a lot of cute designs. They're always on sale at my local Nordstrom so I never buy them full price.
  6. 0o0o, i saw this brand just in the weekend! i think i'd have to cut my arms off before i can buy a pair! hehehe, they look really nice though!
  7. I love Via Spiga shoes, they hold up great, some Via's I have had for over 10 years and they look great. Of course they are out of style now! But they make great shoes! The comfort level depends on the height of the heel, but overall they are comfortable.
  8. I vouch for Via Spiga too! I have a pumps and sling backs from Via Spiga and I love them. Great quality for a reasonable price and good designs!!!
  9. I love their shoes but I have narrow feet so they tend to hurt me feet so I never got to enjoy their shoes. But they have some hot shoes.
  10. Love Via Spiga shoes: I just got these from Nordstrom and can't wait for it to get above 65 degrees here so I can wear them (it snowed yesterday).

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  11. loganz those shoes are way cool :P.....and i love via spiga shoes as well....i only have their boots but they're extremely comfortable/cute/well made :smile:
  12. I have a pair of their heels - love them, very comfy.
  13. Via Spiga shoes are great. They always have lovely design and the prices are always decent/affordable (unlike other high end italian shoes).