Via Spiga handbags

  1. I just ordered this bag off of bluefly but this is my first Via Spiga so I have a few questions:


    I've seen the exact same handbag on different sites & it doesn't look as shiny as this one. This is what it looks like it beige:

    Here is what it looks like in white:

    It doesn't look as shiny in either of these colors.

    a) Do you think its just the picture/flash that makes it look this shiny in black?

    b) Also the description reads: Extremely lightweight, this large, top-zip hobo features glazed calfskin. I've never owned a via spiga handbag so I don't know how soft/buttery the leather is. According to the description (and your experience with Via Spiga handbags), do you think this bag would be soft & buttery?

    Any help would be great. Thanks girls! I've heard from other websites that you guys are the experts on handbags so I'm looking forward to your comments. :smile:
  2. Anyone have any imput?
  3. hi there, it looks quite good, nice details and not OTT. i like their designs and was considering buying a large brown tote from bloomies a while back. just enough embellishment without being too trendy, IMHO. i've never owned one but here are some reviews of other styles from customers at Zappos:
  4. Thanks! This was really helpful. :smile:
  5. :flowers: