Via Spiga Alligator Bag...Watcha think?

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    What do you guys think of Via Spiga bags? I've never had one or seen one but in my late night restless shopping sprees this really caught my eye. I LOVE mauve/plum colored bags and I love alligator/croc styles so this really tempted me. It was 216 at Bluefly (which I am really not keen on knowing that they have sold fakes) but since a TPF poster gave a 30% off code, I decide to go for it. Got it for 194.
    I am really a Kooba/IF lover so this is new territory for me. I originally went looking for a Cole Haan Village style bag and ended up with this...LOL
  2. I own a few Via Spiga bags... I really like them. They can take lots of wear and tear and the leather one I have is very supple with plenty of compartments.
    Take it for a spin... you might like it. :biggrin:
  3. I know Via Spiga bags are an excellent brand. I use to have some of their bags and shoes, they really stood the test of time, in fact I ended up giving them to my niece and she loves them. That's a great deal for that fabulous looking bag, congrats!
  4. Thanks guys. I hope I will be as enamored with it when it comes. Actually this started yesterday when I read a post about someone with a ziptop Dooney. I remembered how much I like the Dooney Nile collection so I went looking all last night for a Dooney. I'm glad I didn't make any rash purchases because I knew that I needed something larger. Dooney bags all seem pretty darn small to me. So when I saw the Alligator print in a pretty plum I really fell for it. And it's not 11x5 like so many Dooneys. It's a real medium sized bag to me, 14x8x4.5.
    Who knows. I am pretty fickle with "unusual" bags. I always go for an all leather slouchier bag so I hope this will be my one "strange" bag that is far from a Kooba or IF. I'll post a pic when it comes.
  5. Hi, there, Lexie2000! Just want you to take note of the hardware on your Via Spiga. I love their leather, but I own one of their shoulder bags, and I'm not quite fond of the hardware. It seems a little thin and too small for the bag. Just an observation. You will love the leather, though.
  6. Oh, I'm not a happy camper. I got the Alligator bag. It was crappy. I returned it asap. Then I ordered a Teal leather satchel. I got it in 2 days! Amazing service was very below par IMO. The inner lining is so cheap and plastic-y. A chintzy vinyl inner zipper. The hardware is thin and crappy like Rose said. The leather is okay I guess but I am used to Koobas with that heavy quality feel. It's nothing like that. The bag says teal, looks teal on the website, but definately looks green in person. I like the style okay. A bit sloppy for my liking but I guess I'll use it for bangin around. I don't want to return a second bag and maybe PO Bluefly, as service was very good. No more random bag buying for me. I'll stick to brands I've seen and know.