VH1's World Series of Pop Culture

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  1. Anyone else watch this?
    (Anyone else play along and keep score?) :shame:
  2. I was just watching that when it was on an hour ago! I got all excited :shame: when I knew the answer to 3 questions in a row! I kinda started screaming "KANYE!! KANYE!!" at the telly at one point...:shame: :shame: .
  3. I was watching it during the "what movies were directed by Tim Burton" question. I'm sitting there going, "Edward Scissorhands. EDWARD SCISSORHANDS!"
  4. My friends tried out for this and got through the first round. I heard that the written test you have to take in the beginning is pretty difficult obscure pop culture trivia.
  5. hehe! :roflmfao:
  6. I'm loving this show!! And if I do say so myself, I'm damn good at it. One show I watched no one knew the name of the Cosby Show's eldest child. I was like "Sondra people, Sondra!!! Come on!!" :lol:
  7. I didn't know Sondra. But the Red Vines and Mr. Pibbs . . . I think someone here made a reference to that and I totally didn't get it. I do now!
  8. I love this show!! Some of the questions are pretty difficult. But, my sisters & I enjoy playing along; I like to see how many I can even answer. :lol:
  9. That was me! (in the movie snacks thread) And maybe someone else has referenced it as well.

    I had a subscription to EW and the back page pop culture quizzes could be pretty obscure, so I can believe the written test was much harder than what they are showing on TV. Regardless, I feel so witty and urbane when I get the answers! :P
  10. I was rooting for PDX 503, but since they're out now, I'm going for the velvet rope (something like that?).