VH1s The Agency

  1. Has anyone seen this show? The 1st episode aired this past Tuesday.

    It is about the Wilhemina Modeling Agency.

    These girls are so skinnyyy and the agent tells them "you're fat", "she's a cow!"

    I know this is how the world of modeling and this show just proves how these agencies want these girls to get thinner and thinner. It just basically shows the ugly side of modelling

    I mean the whole show was about telling the girls "you're fat lost 10 pounds!"
  2. I saw this trainwreck - my favorite part was the little public service ad they had at the end about eating disorders . . . Like that was going to counteract all the negative things said about these ultra-skinny girls they just labeled as "fat cows".

    As I recall, it listed a statistic that said something like 40% of girls under age 9 have already been on a diet.

    Another thing that got me was that it paints a fairly negative picture of the agency/business, but it's produced by Wilhemenia itself.
  3. ^^ yeah exactly that ad thing confused me even more.

    the funny part about it was the girls just had this whatver attitude and just went out to eat burgers...one even ate a sub in front of the agent lol

    that agent Becky is worse than Simon Cowell...that woman is evil lol
  4. 30 minutes did not make or break this show for me. I need to see more models. Profiles on only 3 models doesn't really make a modeling agency for me.

    It's annoying how the girls don't have the attitude for modeling, think of all the other girls who would love to be in their shoes!
  5. yeah they looked bored and hardly spoked
  6. I saw the show it really is a true insight into what goes on at some of these agencies. I felt so bad for all the girls on the open call. but that really does happen. These poor girls were stripped of their dreams within seconds.
  7. I did not see this but I heard about it. Models represent .0000000001% of the world population. they are basically mutant skinnies that do not represent the real women. and sadly the real women aspire to be like this minority. the agencies are full of crappuccino when they call a prospective model fat. these girls are no way fat. they are idiots to say that and vh1 knows they will have viewers stuck to the screens like us even to gawk in horor. lol
  8. umm am I the only one who thought that the guy models on there were HOTT! I mean their bodies were.. amazing lol
  9. yeah they were hot!
  10. Oh yeah, the guy models were hot! The one that got the haircut took me back to my college days where I always seemed to lust after blond boys (which totally explains how I wound up with my dark haired hubby - LOL!)
  11. they don't believe in holding anything back. the agents are very blunt! the show should've been an hour long instead of half and hour.
  12. First time watching that show today. I got really into it. LOL! That woman Becky drove me nuts calling the girls "fat".

    Looking at the guys was pretty exciting. Nice bods!!
  13. I agree the boys were fine!!!!