VH1 ROCKS this morning...

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. Oldies but goodies for those of us on the other side of 35!!!:love:
  2. Still singin my head off....(girls on film....duran duran...)
    girls on film...la la la la
  3. mercedes boy... (pebbles) what the hell happen to her) do you want to ride in my mercedes boy...lol....poor dh
  4. I am just human...la la lal
  5. Well, I'm not 35 yet but closing in... Ah, love the 80's! I had such a crush on Duran Duran :shame:
  6. OH! and my first concert was Bon Jovi, then Poision..2 great loves in my early teenage life!
  7. good god....this music is bringing back memories I totally forgot about...tears in my eyes....music IS magical.
  8. I love you more than you love me...la la la la...where the hell is my Ipod!!! Okay I will get a life now...
  9. everything counts in large amounts....la la la
  10. love the 80s so much... really nice songs..
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