VH1 - Rock of Love

  1. You know you wanna watch! LOL Anyone see this? It is like the trailer park version of Flavor of Love. Half of them are strippers, the other half on drugs, 99% have implants and less than half a brain. And that's just Bret Michaels!


    Bret Michaels, lead singer of the Rock band Poison, welcomes 25 young ladies to his rocker lair in the hopes of finding that one special girl he can call his own. In order to help him with this great task, Bret enlists the help of his friend, who is also his tour manager and head of security, Big John. After the girls explore the house and meet each other, Bret has them line up for a special photo shoot. Here, he gets the first taste of the girls' personalities, as he snaps pictures of each of them for what will become their V.I.P. Backstage passes. Some are sexy, and some are...well not so much. After the shoot, it's time for cocktails and a backyard mixer. Trying desperately to make an impression on Bret, the girls pull and tug at him and compete for his attention, leaving Bret a bit overwhelmed. When the girls finally get him alone, and the conversation begins, Bret realizes all those years on the road has made him a little rusty at dating. Getting to know these women is going to be more difficult than he thought. During the party, one girl in particular, gets drunk and out of hand and causes quite a commotion in the house. Will she be one of the six going home that night?
  2. im watchin it for the first time right now!
  3. He kept the drunk chick because she gave him a lap dance? yes he really is looking for a real relationship. gag. Then he said the blond girl annoyed him so much, but she put on a bikini and she got to stay??
  4. My DH is not allowed to watch the show ever again. lol.jk.
    We watched it last night.
  5. I'm waiting for the catfights to begin. ;)
  6. Oh God. Flavor of Love has met it's match. If that is even possible. But I will be watching it since you know how I love entertaining trashy TV lol. :upsidedown:
  7. I didnt catch the whole episode but it was funny to watch. Nice how they had a pole in the house!
  8. These girls are a mess.
  9. When will they draw the line at reality t.v.? I am just surprised at how many dumb women they will put in one house.
  10. Those are some trashy bimbos. I always thought Brett was pretty good looking but I think his years of partying have finally hit him!
  11. Its on now. I saw it last night. Awful, just awful. Bret looks so bloated and over the hill, I wouldnt give him the time of day on a regular afternoon!

    And the girls are so gross. There are alot of wrinkled old bags.
  12. holy crap those women are skanks!!

  13. Haha, that's what I was thinking too. If there's one thing I've learned watching Flavor of Love/Charm School and this one episode of Rock of Love, it's that there are way more skanks out there than I had any idea about!!
  14. Ok.. I watched the first episode earlier today and my god.. those women are an embarassment to the female race.

    And what the hell was Tiffany doing on his lap.. some sort of weird humping motion lmao.
  15. oh god, i loved it. loved loved love. LOVED. i could never watch flavor of love because i HATE flavor flav, but this is right up my alley. i can't wait until they start smacking each other in the head with empty vodka bottles.