VH1 - My Big Fabulous Wedding (or something like that)...

  1. Has anyone seen this show on VH1? It's part of the "Fabulous Life..." series, but it's with "regular" people throwing expensive weddings. I swear, it reminds me of "My Super Sweet 16" on MTV. I was channel surfing last night around 10:30pm and caught it. The second episode (I believe they are in 30 minute increments) showcased a couple from Las Vegas - the woman was 19 and her fiance was 43! I was shocked by the age difference, and how young she seemed. They ended up spending $750,000 on the wedding! That's insane to me!

    I'm just curious if anyone else has seen this series...
  2. yea....it's crazy! One couple was spending ~$200k on flowers, invites, etc!

    They seem like they have so much money to spend on the wedding, and yet they still get soooo stressed out.
  3. Yes, this is yet another one of those shows that I'm hooked on. It's pretty funny to watch. They need a follow up to see if their marriage outlasts how long it takes them to get out of debt from the wedding.
  4. I didn't see that episode!
    I do remember one episode I saw where the bride wanted all this pink in the wedding! It was so pretty..
  5. I've seen the show...you are so right about them acting like they have so much money but getting so stressed out by bills.

    Just like SuperSweet 16, I kinda get the feeling that alot of the people on the show are taking out huge loans, etc. to pay for their over the top weddings.
  6. yea!! I saw that show, its sooo outrageous to me, also makes me jealous :sad:
  7. Nooo... no need for jealousy KissMeDeadly!! Have you seen an episode where anyone seems to be in love?
  8. I agree...some of the episodes seem very one-sided. There was an episode with an Asian woman in NYC. It seemed like she wasn't that into her fiance/husband, but rather the bling and how much was being spent. I recall one part where he went into to kiss her, and she seemed to pull back a bit - giving him a peck. He seemed SO in love with her, but I didn't get the sense that she reciprocated. I'd love to see the follow-up with these weddings.
  9. I totally agree that they need follow ups! I want to know how the honeymoon went and also how things end up.
  10. Yeah, I remember that one! Although, I may have spoken too soon... last nite's with the NFL player marrying his highschool sweetheart, they were actually a cute tolerable couple. But they have been the rare exception.