VH1: Football Wives

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  1. Who the new money spending and possibly poserific "Football Wives" are when you read on...

    Football season kicked off a couple weeks ago. And now, the "Football Wives" are hitting VH1 Sunday, October 24 at 10:30 PM ET/PT. For those of you who care who's on it, we've got the first flicks of the Dallas, TX ladies who are responsible for supporting their baller men and their wallets off the field.

    The ladies hit a recent gala together. From left to right in above pic: Chanita Foster (married to George Foster, tackle, UFL); Brittany Pigrenet (girlfriend of David Buehler, kicker, Dallas Cowboys); Dawn Neufeld (married to Ryan Neufeld, tight end, UFL); Melani Ismail (married to Rocket Ismail, receiver, retired); Erin McBriar (married to Mat McBriar, punter, Dallas Cowboys).

    The other 3 cast members Pilar Sanders (married to Deion Sanders, all-pro cornerback, retired), Amanda Davis (married to Leonard Davis, guard, Dallas Cowboys), and Mercedes Nelson (ex-girlfriend of "a star Cowboys player") weren't pictured.

    Chanita Foster's recently launched her clothing line "Rock Star Rascals" and claims she brings money into the household instead of just spending it. I guess this Chanita didn't ask "ATL Housewives" Sheree Whitfield or Lisa Wu-Hartwell how that worked out for them. Anywho, here's a few pics from her the launch:


  2. I don't recognize any of those player's names. Doesn't matter either way, the show isn't about the men really. I wonder who's credit limit has been maxed out to be on this show.
  3. the only name I recognize is Pilar Sanders - because she and Deion had a short lived reality show and her body is BANGIN'!
  4. Yep I remember Pilar and Dions show! Her body was amazing!
  5. Oh gawd not another reality show with wives :rolleyes: I do remember Pilar, I loved their show with Deion. He was a riot with that dang scooter all around his house :P

    What is with the goofy hand signal the one is giving :lol: grow up!!

    And who is the dude?? The producer? Does Shaq's wife have a hand in this? I think she may have said something about it on Wendy a long time ago. I am not sure though.
  6. The blonde on the right must be the mother of one of the players. She looks like she is in her 60's at least.
  7. Nice can't wait and most of them are married unlike bball wives
  8. The UFL? And the Cowboys? No thank you.
    And I love football.
  9. ^LOL Yeah I was like UFL? WTF?

    I guess most of the NFL wives know better than to appear on a goofy show like this. They have to be smarter than the NBA wives and know a disaster is waiting to happen :P
  10. Love Pilar! so exciting

    this is hopefully going to be like The Game


  11. AMEN to that. Deion was an a**hole though. I loved Pilar though.
  12. UFL? yuck. my EX trains some of those guys and believe me, unless they were good with their NFL money, they have none. psh.
  13. just watched the preview. i WILL be watching. :biggrin: Dallas=Drammerrr.
  14. Whoo Hooo Dallas!!!! Finally... Even though I never heard of these women besides Pilar, I love to see HOME on TV (when it's done right, not showing us riding horses and wearing boots and wranglers) But our big as hell homes and our lifestyles. BTW I use to see Pilar at Wal-Mart in Prosper and dropping off the kids and at the local gas station and at Bi Lo, all the time and her BODY is better in person, you can really see how toned she is, makes you wanna drive straight to the gym. And she is very polite and sweet. She's not over the top. Let's see how she acts on this show???? I hope she doesn't COON for the show.