VH1 Fashion DON'T

  1. I was just chilling out watching VH1 over the weekend and was shocked to find that one of the top 10 fashion DON'Ts are fannie packs!!!! :wtf: if i remember correctly, fannie packs may have even placed higher (in a bad way!) than mullets!

    is the gucci fannie pack OUT??? how about the tokidoki belt bag???

    what do you guys think?

    i'm actually very curious to get your feedback coz i've been eyeing the gucci "sex and the city" fannie pack and the tokidoki belt bag... does that mean i'm "UNCOOL?"
  2. :yucky: I would much rather be "uncool" than have anthing strapped to my body that shows how large my waist, hips and thighs are. For me to wear a bum bag it would need flashing orange lights on the side and wide load stamped on the back.
  3. I wore my Gucci belt bag all the time and was complimented a lot. As long as it doesn't look like a "fanny pack" that you can store an entire survival pack in, you'll be okay.
  4. Oh Riffraff- that's hilarious !!!! I pretty much wouldnt use a fanny pack of ANY kind, any designer, and color- but of course, thats just ME. If you like them- go for it !!
  5. the one's that i've seen so far seemed pretty chic..

    the gucci ones that i've seen on other women were resting on the side of the hips so it didn't really look like those bulky leather ones people wear at theme parks... i think sara jessica parker looked pretty cute in them too... not to mention, how convenient they would be for when i go shopping!

    ... but that's just me... :smile:
  6. You can rock any style you want without looking like a typical theme park goer. Hasn't Joan Jett been taking basically a mullet style to rocker chic forever now?

    And the lv and gucci bags are pretty cute. I don't own one, but my hips and tush are pretty wide so I would rather hand or shoulder carry my bags.
  7. Well there are the things that SJP can wear looking chic and then there are the rest of us. I'm not a fan of the style, I don't think its flattering on most people.
  8. I don't do fanny or any large bags (and they are "IN")... everything of mine are "mini" or "small" size just because I like it that way!
  9. i'm not at the best shape of my life.. but i hear a lot of women wanting to trim down their hips... i, on the other hand, want to add some curves in that area... i have a gymnasts body (broad shoulders small hips) and i think curvy hips are beautiful!

    this is probably one of tyhe reasons why i want a fannie pack... it helps give the illusion of hips :smile:
  10. Please tell me you don't actually follow the DOs and DON'Ts of VH1!!!:nuts: Wear what you like and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!!!:wlae::yahoo:
  11. I would personally never go for a fanny pack (I think even the name was meant to turn people off!).
    However, if it's a very chic "belt bag" (such as Gucci has) worn slung low on the hips over a simple, clean-lined dress, it could look pretty cool.
  12. They really don't suit me, but if you can pull it off, go for it! I'm sure they can look very cool on the right person. That person just isn't me :smile:
  13. If you like it don't worry about it being in or out. You can look good without following the pack.
  14. LOL! That is the best laugh I've had all week!! :roflmfao:
  15. lol... not exactly... most of the stuff that they talked about i wouldn't do anyway... like sporting a mullet.. or a tiedye shirt... or being a human billboard (designer logo's allover!)... or guys wearing a mesh top... or suspenders! :wtf:

    i was just a little surprised that the fannie pack would be on the list, that's all... I mean, it doesn't seem as horrible as how everyone made it sound... i certainly didn't think it wound fall in the same category as what i mentioned above...