vh shorts

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  1. her's don't have the same stitching as the DP ones do, do they??
  2. You can see stitching in the corner of hers
  3. I don't think its the Dorthy Perkins ones... those shorts look a lot longer than Vanessa's and i think the stitching does look different.
  4. Besides this being a UK store, the wash of VH's are much darker than of DP.
  5. and VH's aren't turn up shorts like DP.
  6. That's probably because someone sent it to CSG. There's no link which looks like they didn't find the shorts themselves. Someone probably linked these shorts as a similar match for UK girls.

    There's many differences between the shorts. The wash is different (DP's is much lighter than of V's), the stitching type is different, the turn ups on the DP shorts are a lighter colour than the wash, which is different to VH's. The stitching goes vertically to the seam on V's, where as the DP stitching goes back up to create a V shape to the bottom of the pocket. The stitching on the line above is circular on the DP shorts, but is straight on V's.

    Sorry, I'm not meaning to be rude but I think loads of people might see these and buy them (esp. at such a good price) and they aren't the right pair.:Push:

    So the hunt continues!:woohoo:
  7. ohhh i like ... i want them now...