VG First

  1. I just returned a brand new, unused VG First to NM today. If any one is interested call 703-761-1600 and ask for Carey (male).:tup:
  2. oooooo!!!!!!

    how was the leather?!??!
  3. The leather was very nice with right amount of distressing. :tup:Not too smooth. It was really cute but i think i prefer VG in the Giant Day bag.:yes:
  4. Ooo I think I saw the one Nanaz returned at Tyson's corner yesterday! It added a much needed pop of color to their bbag trees. lol
  5. what color is it??
  6. Vert Gazon or grass green
  7. Were you there yesterday?:nuts: What time?:nuts: I saw some one with a White First there yesterday and i immediately thought she could be from PF, haha.:p

  8. It wasn't me :sad: I didn't have a bbag on me, was using my LV Alma... I pretty much lingered by the bbag trees the whole time i was there hoping to spot a tPFer. heheheh

    Edit: sorry, totally didnt answer your question Nanaz, i was there around 4PM yesterday
  9. I was there at 2:00 and left around 3:00. I was waiting for ICB but he never showed up. :sad:I always think i might run into a pfer while i am there too.:p