VG city stuck at customs!!! =(

  1. I bought my VERY VERY 1st bbag and am soooooooooo excited to get it! I ordered it from balenciaga in the states but i am living in london for a couple months so my friend was going to bring it.....

    She ended up not coming so my mom shipped it with a few other things and got a tracking code and marked it as personal items. I didnt get insurance bc otherwise I would have had to pay 100 pounds or so in taxes.

    Anyways it left chicago on the 31st and there has been no tracking info. Is this normal to take this long in customs?? I am getting so anxious and concerned!
  2. You probably won't get any tracking info until it gets over here and parcelforce have it. You could maybe try calling parcelforce and giving the tracking number for them to could be stuck in customs which takes about a week before they send you the bill to pay for the charges.
  3. will i have to pay customes even if my mom marked its worth at 50$
  4. oh don't worry u will get it soon ;)
  5. If your mum marked it at $50 then you should be ok...I think customs has been really slow recently!
  6. I shipped 3 pairs of Manolos to different buyers in Europe and I shipped global express, it tool 3 weeks for 2 of the people to get their shoes and 2 weeks for the other and that was 'express'! Don't lose heart!
  7. Thanks everyone for the encouragement!
  8. Oh and a little trick if you go on then add the tracking number if it is a usps express number then if you check it is an incoming parcel it should show up on their website. Sometimes I get parcels and the tracking never changes on usps even when its at my door!
  9. I just had a bag shipped from London, and it took quite a while to get through English customs. Don't lose heart - I'm sure it will be with you soon!

  10. I just had the same issue with Revolve. I bought some jeans and they were stuck at customs because i had charges. I tracked it on ParcelForce and ticked the "Incoming International Parcel" box and it told me it was Held awaiting charges. Instead of waiting for the letter i called my local depot and paid over the phone. The package came the next day. :smile:

    Be warned though, customs charge on the SHIPPING cost!! I had to pay £16 in charges because a friend of mine sent me hen night present and she expressed it - MEAN MEAN MEAN customs charged me on the $70 cost she'd already incurred to send me a PRESENT! I was soooo mad! :cursing: She'd marked the package as a gift and under $50 - but yet i still paid charges?? If your Mum expressed it then thats why its delayed in getting to you! Sucky customs trying to make money!!:crybaby: