VG brief!

  1. thanks to a very helpful and friendly pfer - queenvictoria2 - i am the proud owner of a VG brief!:yahoo:
    i love the color and the brief style could be my new favorite!:heart:
    it fits nicely over the shoulder and is surprisingly very spacious.
  2. oh i love it, it is SO striking and pretty!
  3. Congrats, it's beautiful!
  4. Congrats.:yahoo: VG is awsome.:wlae:
  5. Striking!!
  6. woohoo!!! Congrats!! and glad I could help :p
  7. congrats on you new bag!!!
  8. VG is one of my favorite colors this season. Love it!
  9. Yay! I own one too and I love it!
  10. It's so pretty!
  11. Gorgeous!!!
    Where are the modelling pictures, missy:graucho: ?
  12. Wow, that is gorgeous! I'd love to see modeling pictures, too!
  13. beautiful, darling!
    now get that brief on your shoulder and snap a pic for all of us to see!

    : )
  14. Beautiful bag, congrats!
  15. Congrats! Huh.. is there a pic there and I can't see it?