VF Party

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  1. I just found these old pics from when I was deciding my VF family.
    :heart: VF leather and wanted to share that VF party I had briefly at home :biggrin:
    Finally I decided to keep the sgh pt and one of the ggh pt.
    These are my actual VF family: :okay:

  2. Deciding between all the bags I had to choose from. VF train. :smile:

  3. Pardon my ignorance, but what does VF stand for? Gorgeous leather though!
  4. 07 Vert Foncé color :tup:
  5. Droooll! woooow.
    VF is still one of my dream color and especially with the GGH combo!
  6. IMG, first I thought there were two, but there are four!
    I really like the GSH, I would have said GGH would go better, but silver is very unexpectedly good with the VF:smile:
  7. VF is such a pretty color. The ones you decided to keep are absolutely gorgeous.
  8. yummy pics! Its amazing how a color can look different with sgh and ggh.
  9. Beautiful!
  10. Wow, gorgeous!!!
  11. Great family! I love all of them! You are so lucky to get such beautiful bags!
  12. wow, they are really beautiful!!
  13. can't get enough vert fonce, thanks for sharing!
  14. Gorgeous VF Collection. Love VF! Thanks for sharing.
  15. VF is so iconic! I love my VF GGH PT...one TPF'er said it's a magical color, and it truly is! Good choice keeping the PTs!