Veteran's Day Sale??

  1. Does anyone know if the outlets are having a Veteran's Day sale? I asked on the outlet thread and didn't get an answer so I was just curious.

    Also, have any of you ladies been to the Albertville, Mn outlet? Is it worth the trip from the Twin Cities right now?

    Thank ya muchly! :wlae:
  2. I dont believe they do.
  3. The next sale is black friday (day after Thanksgiving) & some outlets are opening at midnight for it.
  4. Wow! If they open at midnight, that would be great. I work 4-12!!!
  5. Nope. Next one is Thanksgiving I believe.
  6. That's one day I definitely won't be going. LOL!!
  7. haha.
    i told my mom i was going then...and i swear she looked at me like i grew a second head.
    call me crazy, but i like being around all that chaos for a day. once people stop trying to kill you to get to x item, they're actually all festive and nice.
    or maybe i'm making excuses to keep shopping...:P
  8. LOL! I'm not one for crowds. However, when I mentioned this to my boyfriend, he's down with going. He loves it... but he is also 6'5" and 300lbs... compared to little 5'4" me he wouldn't have a problem moving through a packed store. Hehe. Maybe I can get him to do my shopping this year...
  9. I know black friday will be a sale day??
    Have anyone ever been on Saturday, the day after ??
    Any luck with sales then ....