Veteran Bal gals: has buying new bags become old hat?

  1. I own several B-bags and have found that with each new bag's arrival, I'm becoming less and less giddy about it. My first B-bag's arrival felt like Christmas and I was dancing around with joy. My last B-bag's arrival was like, "Yay! I love my new bag! Gotta go cook dinner."

    NOT that I love my bags any less (in fact, I love them even MORE now!), but I think I've become more used to going through the motions of lust-->hunt-->buy or trade-->wait-->receive.

    Now, when I buy and receive a new B-bag, I'd describe the feeling as :p:heart: rather than :nuts: :yahoo: . Does anyone else feel the same? This could be a dangerous thing, huh? I've gotten so used to buying them, my little "problem" could get out of control!!!!
  2. No (do I even count as veteran? Veteran drooler maybe :p ). But that's mostly because I've been out of work and haven't bought any lately. I just got a new job today tho', and suddenly my money's burning holes through my wallet. :devil:
  3. Yes, I definitely know how you feel. It happened today when I got my Silver Box! I feel like I have gotten out of control in the past few month and that is why some must go because I am not in love with them. I want to make sure I get bags I will LOVE and not just so I can say I have that color or that style!
  4. I feel the same way sometimes.:sad: Every time i get excited and buy a new bag few days later i am ready to sell and buy another. The excitement wears off quickly.:shrugs: I try not to go too over board with buying so that is why i keep selling. :crybaby: Some times i wonder may be i need a different brand in my collection but i feel really comfortable carrying Bbags.:confused1:
  5. second that. I have just trimmed down to 2 blacks (04 city and 05 day) and 2 caramels (03 city and 05 day - both hugely different shades of caramel too).

    I prefer to know I'm maximising use of these balenciaga's and not having to feel obligated to a huge balenciaga bag rotation. Also i like the idea of being associated with a small but cool set of bags over a long period of time instead of just carrying a different colour etc like changing shoes. AT that point, you may as well get a completely different brand/look/style of bag (this is just my opinion though!).
  6. No, I am anxious for weeks until my next Bbag arrives. I get butterflies in my tummy when I pull open that drawstring and I get a slight whiff of that brand new Bbag smell...
  7. I guess it all depends on the bag. Because so many colors I've never seen IRL, some are a disappointment and others exceed my expectation. Right now, I'm in total :heart: with my Anthra Work. I can't take my eyes off of it.
  8. every bbag I've bought has been very exciting to me- but I'm on a shoestring co-ed budget, so they are few and far between. sometimes when the bag style/color isnt "me" I'm not AS excited, but its still pretty exciting for me!
  9. I go in cycles. There were times when I was so thrilled when the bag comes and I never let it out of sight, the... then all of a sudden I find that I can't find anything to match the bbags, therefore I don't see it for a LONG time and that's when I feel like searching for another bbag...BUT I haven't sold any of mine yet.
  10. Well for me the proccess definitely isn't as exciting as it used to be... I haven't bought any 07 bags and don't intend to buy any from the winter collection even though the colors are very nice.

    In fact I plan to sell at least half of my collection, I really need to purge... I bought 4 bags in the last 3 months and every time I felt even worse about my overspending.
    I don't want to be a collector, I'd much rather be the person with the 3 bags they use a lot. And so what if they become so beaten up that I won't be able to sell them, at least they've been used enough to justify their cost... As you can tell my overspending has been annoying me! :shocked:
  11. Maybe it is the thrill of the hunt syndrome? You covet what you do not have and now that you have quite a number of bags, you don't feel as thrilled as before? Bbags are beautiful and whether or not we feel bad on overspending, I am sure we all enjoy using it. Although, I appreciate the insight of Danae. I bought 4 bbags since Feb and I have another coral brief waiting for me when I get home. I am oh so tempted to pass by Neiman Marcus (I am vacationing in the US right now) just to check out what bbag I can buy. I think am ovespending so I think I will be a good mom and wife and just refrain from shopping. I will be a nice to take a break from buying bbags.
  12. I think it's normal and inevitable that we get less excited when we fulfill lots of wishes (desensitizing process). It's the same with addictions (when whatever doesn't do it for you anymore you need more of it, or something else).

    Although I'm not overexcited anymore, I look forward to each bag and love the unpacking process and taking it out for the first time etc. And if the bag is ME, I'll keep it (my bags are sold only when they're somehow not me).
  13. i understand LOL
    the feeling of waiting is what excite me, adn the hunt for something in odler style too, it's far better than buying a new season available in stores LOL