Vet visit and a stinky kitty.

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  1. Well I was woken from a dead sleep by my oldest cat scccrreeaaammminngg, Im guessing that one of the cats jumped on him, and as it looked, he was pretty constipated.
    fast forward we took him to the vet and he got "cleared out" and got his anal glads expressed, so on. thats about 10:30 this morning.
    (kinda gross... sorry in advance)

    So when we get home I notice he's trying to scoot on the carpet, so my mom and I decide he's gonna have to stay in the bathroom for a while thinking its the Enema stuff and that it would dry out or he would clean himself. WRONG. I just went in there now and was looking at his bum and it just WREAKED, he wont even clean his own bum plus its still wet. Which convinces me that they expressed his anal glands and just left it on him. Problem is, no one said his butt was wet with gland juice and/or enema stuff and that he's going to scoot and leave skid marks all over your carpet. I caught him doing it twice. But when my mom called them to see if I could bathe him, they we're like "sure", they also said it was fine to keep him in the bathroom, theres a litter box, water, place to lay down, and I even put one of those cardboard scratching boxes in there. He's much happier now that he's not in pain but the fact that the vet just left all this stinky goop on his bum is just making me mad. I have to clean up their mess. This has been done probably twice before in the last 5+ years, it was a different vet at the same practice, but they didnt leave any goo on his bum, and if they did they warned us and tried to clean up some of it. Now I have to go buy cat shampoo, wash a cat, dry him, and clean the entire bathroom because it smells like poop, if not a step up from that. I dont know if I've smelled worse than that, and I worked at a doggy hotel for a year.

    Just needed to vent.
    I love my cat very much, but I'm kind of ticked at the vet for leaving him so stinky without letting me or my mom know.
  2. It is possible that there was some extra mess made in the car on the way home. Sometimes an enema can have a delayed effect. And the anal gland smell is really tough to get out of anything.
    That being said, that is not necessarily what it sounds like happened here. If it were me, I would call and ask to speak to the vet. I would mention how disappointed and disgusted I was with the condition my pet was returned it. There is no excuse for a pet ever being returned to his owner in the condition you described. All the vets that I have ever worked for stressed the importance of sending a pet back to the owner cleaned up. Not only because it is just unprofessional and can be upsetting to the owner, but also because it can make your pet susceptible to infection.
  3. ^^ def call the vet. they may even want u to bring him back in