Vestiaire Collective

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  1. #1 Apr 27, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2016
    Sorry, can someone move this to the General Shopping Thread? I just saw a VC thread there.

    Hi ladies and gents, I usually post over in Chanel but I am in love with Céline too!
    Anyway, I was wondering...I just bought a Trio on Vestiaire Collective and it has been about a week, the seller still has not sent the item to VC to be reviewed and then sent on to me. Does it usually take so long for a seller to ship things? Anyone had a similar experience? Thanks.
  2. That's normal. Once a seller took 3 weeks to send my handbag but it was all fine in the end. I think if it takes more than 4 weeks, the order gets cancelled and you get your money back so don't worry!
  3. Hi!! I’m looking out for a Céline nano with the crossbody strap. I wanted a red or a beige nude. Do you know where I can find out apart from Vestiaire Collective? The ones I wanted to the website sold out. Please link me to super genuine websites like Vestiaire. Thanks. Email me at or DM me on Instagram @aishwaryabhende