Vestiaire Collective for Chanel maxi - legit?

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Your experience buying with Vestiaire Collective

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  1. I have my eyes on this single maxi flap listed on vestiaire - but somehow I´m not feeling confident about the site. First had it recommended by a coworker and only heard/read positive things until I googled it this evening! So many negative reviews and it´s quite off-putting! I would like to get your thoughts on the site if you´ve shopped there. Also does this bag + seller look legit?
  2. Bag looks authentic to me, but please have it authenticated for your peace of mind if you don't feel 100% sure about the site.
    I would stay away from this bag, though, if I were you. The pictures show that there's creasing and sagging. It being a single flap makes it even more prone structure loss. For classic flaps, I'd like the bags to be structured, and would hate to see any sagging (but that's just me).
    If you want to go through with the purchase, please ask for more detailed pictures of the bag and make sure you're OK with its condition, since I have heard that VC's quality control leaves a lot to be desired.
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    I would stay away from VC completely. Look at their reviews on Trust Pilot to give you an idea of the issues the bulk of their customers come up against. There's an interesting thread on VC over on the General Shopping/Shopping Resources sub forum, too.
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  4. Thanks for the responses! It really helps to have another pair of eyes on it for a reality check. If I ever shop on Vestiaire, it will be for smaller purchases, it´s clear to me that I´m not ready to run the risk. :shocked::cool: my hunt for the maxi continues...
  5. I can not say anything negative about VC. I bought a LV Keepall and a Chanel GST earlier this year. They both were in very good condition and I had them checked in the local stores in Munich.
  6. I just had a very negative customer experience with Vestiaire Collective and all in all lost a lot of money, Stay away!