Vestiaire Collective experiences?

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  1. I’ve sold a few things via VC. I list an honest description and pictures and never had an issue. I would have made more money and sold quicker via eBay.

    My main gripe is I had a couple of buyers repeatedly buy the same item- then not pay. I ignored their offers after a while.

    People put in really low offers on higher priced items, so I gave up and sold a kelly and Birkin via a consignment boutique instead.

    As a seller- I was disappointed that items only move if very low price.
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  2. An update to my bag purchase: VC agreed to a ten percent refund due to the damage. So although I think they could have done better than ten percent considering, I'm glad it's sorted and now I can concentrate on rehabbing what will be a beautiful bag.
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  3. Not exactly generous since they let a totally damaged item slip through
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  4. Today another order of mine was cancelled, as the seller had sellers remorse and cancelled the transaction. What a bummer. It’s the second time this year that has happened.
  5. That happens a lot to me, sometimes it's because the thing is not available any more, maybe the sold it somewhere else. Usually they send you a code for free shipping on a next order. Lately all my sellers take at least 3 weeks to ship the thing to VC and I usually get the stuff within 6 to 8 weeks. Those of us from Europe seem to be the laziest...
  6. I think it's due to the shipping and that Paris, where the head quarters are, had a bit of a problem with the postal deliveries, oddly enough (and surprisingly enough) sold 2 items I had almost forgotten that I had them listed, shipped the next day, it seemed to have taken 2 weeks to get to them.
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  7. How are you doing with it?
  8. Good! I'm not sure how to link to other threads, but I just put up a thread in the care and maintenance section showing before and after pics - I'm really happy with how the bag turned out and can't wait to wear her.