Vestiaire Collective experiences?

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  1. That should be advertised as a damaged item, VC seems to be really odd, friends who bought and sold with them said they randomly sent items back, which apparently Rebelle does now too, totally lowball the prices and they seem both have no idea or concept about the black label or cheaper lines. If you complain a few times, they will find a fault with the item, in some cases the items came back damaged because they didn't handle them carefully. They really have grown much too big.

    There seem to be a few other resale sites popping up here in Europe, usually if they are new they are super careful with the checking and all that, but what some of them charge as commission, that is crazy. Usually if a website charges horrendous commissions, there is not a lot of sense to check for a bargain as most sellers won't list good stuff. I think VC is on the way to self-destruct under the total chaos they have created. There are some other sites out there where they actually bother to reply to you.
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  2. VC are now saying that "wear and tear" is normal and expected. I feel like maybe I'm being crazy, because I don't think the dangling charm part being broken, physically in three parts, is normal "wear and tear"
  3. Damage is not wear and tear, how was it advertised as good or as acceptable? If it is good, their conditions are that there are no damages, just checked on the website
  4. It was advertised as acceptable. I think I'm probably going to lose this dispute with them. I just feel that any damage should be noted in the listing. The only description was "the handles and corners are patinad". So the damage to the handles was expected, but the damage to the charm wasn't. Like I said, it was a steal and can be rehabbed - I enjoy a project but I'm just annoyed lol
  5. I would honestly go for it, as damages need to be mentioned explicitly, and acceptable means just more wear and tear. I suggest you screen shoot the auction, then give that to your CC company, if you paid with PP do a "Not as described" or "Damaged" you might be stuck with the return costs, but I bet that hurts less than paying good money for that. You know, the funny thing is, a friend of mine wanted to sell a pair of shoes she had worn twice and are in superb condition, she sent me pictures, really stunning Sergio Rossi heels she paid 650 for, they claimed the shoes are not in good condition, I think they must be legally blind, let me dig out the pics, offered with original receipt, box, card, dustbag, apparently they are deemed as "just acceptable" and they do not sell shoes in that condition, they claim.... IMG_4095.jpg IMG_4096.JPG
  6. Those are beautiful shoes, VC must be blind!
  7. LOL, she asked them if they are and got a reply that their hard working "expert team" has deemed them as faulty, we had coffee together and she showed them to me and the pictures, if anything the pictures don't do them justice, she is totally OT with care for her stuff, the original box, original tissue paper, on the front of the box a print out of a picture so she can see what item of clothing the shoes go with. Broke her ankle and can't wear heels so tried to sell a few of them, VC declined Prada boots, Zannotti, Bottega Veneta... All with stupid excuses, now if my feet would just be one size bigger, I would possibly get the bargain of my life and be in shoe heaven.

    I think "VC lost the plot" springs to mind
  8. I just checked on their conditions regarding "fair condition" aka "acceptable" - took a screen shot for you, anything that requires repair is rejected Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 23.06.12.png

    So totally focus on the broken charm and the missing screws, and that the pictures look significantly different to the item received
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  9. Thank you for that! I'm asking for a ten percent refund to cover the cost of the repair as I still like the bag, fingers crossed they do the right thing. They seem to be completely random in the quality of their 'inspections', I also suspect they take much less care with lower value items which is a shame.
  10. From everything I read, if you tell them you want to return the bag, they offer a partial refund themselves.
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  11. If you look at the sold Birkin bag from the third link and after that comments below ( the buyer complains about some missing accessories) you will see that buyer of the bag already received it which have to mean it passed VC authentication control.
  12. Why you as new registered user copied and pasted here my post #2385 from Oct 20 which post is out of the topic now. What was your purpose with that ?
  13. I'd never purchase from them again. I bought a pair of shoes listed as "unworn" and they arrived well, well worn... VC were completely rubbish, not interested at all. Just said their Ts&C's said no returns on second hand items sold by private sellers.....Had stuff going on at the time so just left it, wasn't worth the hassle at the time to me.
  14. I will only buy items that aren't available anywhere else, but from how I have seen they squeeze sellers for every last Penny, I am now actively avoiding VC and Rebelle. The funny thing is I recently tried to buy an item via Rebelle, apparently didn't pass the quality check, I had bought from the person before and was pleasantly surprised that the item was nicer than described, so did a search and found her, as she had put the item on social media. So when Rebelle returned it, just claimed some "quality control issue" (I wasn't even contacted), I reached out, it turned out that it was a super rare vintage item that they simply could not identify (so much for their expertise, I guess it's some unpaid intern or a student working for next to nothing), bought it straight from the seller via PP, got a totally rare dress that really goes with my style, condition superb, and paid less for it as she didn't have to pay commission. We stayed in touch and she works in a field where she has to be dressed up often, so now I get first dips on really nice stuff and we cut out the middle man, so win win for both of us.

    Most of the resale sites charge sellers through the nose, the sites have gone quantity over quality, so many people now say they rather give an item to charity than getting peanuts for it and having to deal with them
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  15. How the hell do I unsubscribe once and for all from those hellish alerts?! I have e-mail and I receive e-mails NON STOP!!! I unsubscribed from everything 1000 times!