Vestiaire Collective experiences?

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  1. It helps as I am the buyer.
  2. That's mostly due to postal service though, I had items reach them within 3 days and some took 3 weeks
  3. How does it help? If a seller who sells authentic items in the condition stated has the trusted seller status removed because a buyer changed his or her mind, that is not a great help to you unless you are a habitual buy and cancel person
  4. I didn't say it was due to any reasons, I was just reporting the facts in my transaction. I don't any reply is needed.
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  5. It helps the other way around. You are talking about their status being removed. I am not.
  6. Honestly, you make totally no sense, if a seller isn't a trusted seller anymore due to a buyer changing the mind and they agree to cancel the transaction, that doesn't help you as a buyer as you can't rely on their trusted seller status, thought that would have been obvious, and if you don't care for reasons, well, I guess then you don't really have a point anyway. As I said, the people who usually buy on VC are actually so much worse than VC, I stopped listing there because I really don't want to supply people I usually go through pains to avoid with high end items for next to nothing, my time is a bit more valuable, if they want it so badly, they can buy it in shops. I don't want to deal with the VC price dumping, then with entitled buyers who think they should get designer items for chain store prices. As a seller you are required to reply to every stupid comment somebody makes or they remove the trusted seller status, so the brain dead person who suggests that she wants to pay 20 for this season's YSL boots, you have to reply, and if the jobless brat keeps posting stupid messages, you have to reply. If somebody buys something and then doesn't want it anymore, you can agree to the cancellation to avoid a lot of hassle, as in you sending the item, then waiting until it gets sent back and hoping it won't get lost, so you usually agree to it, which again removes the trusted buyer status, but hey, I guess somebody will still think it helps...
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  7. Hi ladies I have a question
    I have a question
    How it works if the seller and a buyer are both from US . Does the seller still have to ship to Vestiaire in France or they have direct US office for authentication
    Thank you kindly
  8. They have a New York office ;)
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  9. There is a US office you ship to.
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  10. Great! @MyawesomeFindsds Thank you so much
  11. Wonderful! Thank you so much @Jana123
  12. Yes, some fakes slip through the site though they are not supposed to. Also, VC sets a limit on how high you can price an item. People may have wanted to list higher but VC wouldn't let them, and their choice is either to accept the top price VC sets or not sell on the site.
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    Hi ladies, I need some help here.
    I recently purchased a goyard bag from VC, the bag was shipped from France last week, but it has been under clearance by US custom for 4 days. I called DHL today and they said the package is missing some information so it can not be imported to the US and DHL has contacted VC to let them provide the missing information, but shipper which is VC just requested to ship the package back! I called VC customer support and the support people said there's no notes regarding the recall for my order... So i paid almost 4k for nothing????
    Anyone had a same experience?
  14. I recently purchased for the first time from VC and the bag I received has quality discrepancies with how it was advertised. The only comments on the listing were that the straps and corners had patina.
    The first problem is the really bad cracks to the piping on the handles - it's very hard to make this out in the listing photos. But, the bag was cheap and I can live with that.
    What I can't live with is that the charm came completely broken, and is only loosely held together by one screw, three of the screws are missing.
    I've emailed VC and I'm hoping for a pain free resolution! IMG_20190114_172230.jpg IMG_20190114_172253.jpg IMG_20190114_172308.jpg Screenshot_20190109-205025.jpg Screenshot_20190109-205015.jpg