Vestiaire Collective experiences?

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  1. Hi ladies,
    Just wondering if anyone has bought from, or sold with Vestiaire Collective before? They have had lot of press coverage in the UK the last few months and just wondered if anyone had any experiences with them?
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  2. Hello,
    I buy and sell with them all the time. The prices are good and they have payment plans 3x if necessary. Eveything arrives in a timely manner and just as pictured. Always authentic and I never had a problem. Go for it, you'll like it. Although they market in the UK, it is mostly a french speaking site so most descriptions are in french but feel free to talk in english.
  3. Hi soleilbrun,
    Thanks for your advice - going to give it a try! Will brush up on my french! :lol:
  4. I should also note that I have everything authenticated on the forum after it arrives. Items have always been authentic. The items arrive to them first, they authenticate it and make sure it conforms to the discription then sends it out to you. I ordered boots once, size 38 but when they arrived to them they were 39.5. They called me on the phone to ask if I would still like them or cancel the transaction. I cancelled. Let me know what goodies you end up getting.

    PS. Please feel free to ask the seller to lower the price, most of the time they agree to a small discount.
  5. Fantastic! Thank you for the tips! Will be looking to sell on there too so if you have any tips for that too, that would be great! :smile:
  6. I confirm that Vestiaire Collective is a great second hand seller :smile:

    I'm french and purchased many times and got no problem everything was perfect

    But you have to notice than sometimes the prices are the same as in boutiques ! I've seen a Louis Vuitton leopard snood sold 190€... and it costs 180€ on LV's official websites. So just be careful about prices
  7. How do you message a Seller? I don't see a link or button......I only see the public comments. TIA!
  8. Do they ship to the US? I noticed I was unable to sign-up with a US address.
  9. I was trying to buy something(I have a US addy) and could not check out. Shipping for @200 euro item is 38,5 euros to US.
  10. VC IT finally corrected error for payment by US countries and I was able to place order.

    Current codes are:
    SELECT12 for 15 euro off 100euro+ purchase expires 9/15
    FDP09 for free shipping expires 9/12

    Cannot be combined;)
  11. Hi Forum!
    I bought many times in VC and the service was good: fast shipping, easy payment, nice items but... please note that, in fact, there is not a official authentication service.
    VC policy is to guarantee that item is authentic (they verify all before ship the item) but they NEVER give a certificate or similar to confirm the authenticy of the item, so when you receive the item you have nothing as proof of verification or authenticity.
    I boght many Chanel bags there but I'm not sure about 2 of them so I'm asking to Mypoupette an official authentication. VC could refound only if the buyer give tem a proof of non authenticity.
    Good luck :smile:
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  12. My SB bag arrived and I am thrilled with condition. I have no concerns with authenticity.

    Having said this, if I did have any concerns I would definitely post it to the appropriate Authenticate This thread on TPF:smile:

  13. Yes...
    I do just few minutes ago. I hope all my purchases were authentic!!! -_-
    I ask for an authentication of my last purchase: a Celine NANO in black. I'm so afraid about fake... Here, in Europe, there are a lot a lot of fake. That's really incredible. Now, there is also a lot of second hand shops and it is alwais more difficult to verify if they are selling a fake. -_-
    but prices are so hight... it's quite impossible to buy a "new" chanel in boutique! All prices increase too much!

    I love this forum that can help me with fashion question! ;)
  14. Do you have any updates about the items you had authenticated? I'm thinking of buying a Chanel bag but I'm worried if they are authentic.
  15. Hi, ive just ordered some clothes on this website, The order says its compliant, awaiting to dispatch, I wanted to make sure that compliant means authentic right? I sound soo silly but want to be 100% sure lol