Vespa or Evelyne TPM?

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  1. Dear All,
    I am looking for a small bag to take with on trips with kids, holidays, sightseeing, etc. I have been thinking about Evelyne TPM and Vespa (sadly discontinued now, but still can be found from resellers).
    I really would love to hear your opinion - which one is more practical, or maybe you have some other suggestions? Thank you very much in advance!!!
  2. Hi Maggy - I think the Vespa is really cute, and I will pm you about a listing. You do need to consider if you want to wear it cross body - I think the strap on the Vespa is only meant for shoulder, but depending on your size it might/might not be long enough to wear cross body. HTH!
  3. Thanks for this thread...I'm contemplating the exact same thing! Though I'd heard the opposite...that the strap on the TPM Evelyne was too short to wear crossbody and the Vespa would work. If anyone has both it would be great if they could measure the strap - I find it often very confusing in listings when they measure drops in different ways.

    Was also contemplating theTsako. That definitely could be shoulder or crossbody, but isn't as high as the Evelyne/Vespa.
  4. I have tried an evelyne TPM (in BdM, lovely!!) 2 months ago at CDG and it was perfect! The strap was really long and you could regulate the length of it as an added bonus. I have never tried a vespa yet, so no idea how they fit.
    I'd love to see some photos too!
  5. I would like to be able to wear it both ways really, and sadly I am not petite - 5'8''...
  6. Have you considred a 28cm Jypsiere. It can be worn as a messenger and is more secure as it can be completely closed. Not sure but I think the Evelyne TPM and Vespa are open on top.
  7. I really like jypsiere, it's perfect for me! Just not it's price tag...
  8. I have a Vespa TPM, and I love it, but it is TINY. I really can fit only my wallet, phone, lipgloss and keys in it. And because the toggle closure is about 2 inches from the top of the bag, you are even more limited on how much will fit inside if you want to actually close the bag. I am 5'9" and have only worn mine on the shoulder. I think it would be too short for me to wear cross body.

    Maybe consider a larger Evelyne with an adjustable strap if you want to be able to wear it both ways.
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  9. Maybe consider a 32 Massai Cut? Its roughly halfway between the pricepoint of a Jypsiere and Evelyne. The advantages: zip top; lined in toile; inner pocket; comes with both short and long leather straps, to wear either on the shoulder or cross-body.
  10. Well, sounds like the evelyne TPM is best for you then!

    I just did some scouting on the Bay and the Vespas were listed as having a 19-20" drop while the Evelyne TPM (older versions with non-adjustable straps) were listed as having a 22-24" drop (so I was wrong about that!). I like a 22" drop or so and I'm 5'6" so anything less might mean it would up in your ribcage?

    I'm with you though....would LOVE an Evelyne or even a Massai...but the $$$ :sad: especially after a spending spree. I think a Evelyne or Vespa is a good casual, light sling for travel, etc. It's open on the top, but you can always put in a bag insert to keep things secure. Go for it!
  11. I have a Vespa and am considering calling the boutique to see if I can get a longer, or adjustable strap. It's a wonderful bag, but I'm tall, too - 5'9" or so - and, um, busty, so the strap is just a couple of inches shy of what would be comfy for hands-free messenger style.
  12. Hermes Constance bag i need one since i cant afford a birkin right now how much is the constance bag any color the largest one????