Vespa bag

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  1. In desperate search for a Vespa bag...If anyone sees one please let me know...:yahoo:
  2. there's a tpm black epsom vespa messenger for sale on the kaleidoplace website; very cute.
  3. Check with your local SA. Some Hermes boutiques may still stock vespa.
  4. Thanks - I have tried that in the NYC store and they said NO...but I think there may still be some out there....
    thank you for responding!!
  5. thank you!!!:d
  6. Vespas are definitely still being made, although boutiques may not order them because of relatively low demand. My local H have/had TPMs in leather & croc this year, and I also bought Vespas at FSH and Santiago earlier this year. Could you ask NYC/NJ boutiques to do a search for you? But you have to have a definite idea of size and colour, because apparently, they can only have limited options for searches.
  7. Hello,
    Thank you so much. I can not get the people at the NYC to look. I might have to call other stores. Is FSH - Fashion Show Mall? Sorry, I am new to this. I will keep you posted!!
  8. FSH is the mother ship in Paris!
  9. I realized that right after I wrote it...I am certainly ashamed of myself:lol:

    I called a couple of stores and the manager of the PB store was very nice and said she would send out a mass email to the stores asking if anyone has a vespa in stock. The NYC store would not even go there. I was in there today to pick up my watch and I have to tell you.....they are rude.
    OH well ....I will search one out till I get one!

  10. There were some at the sale in Manhasset recently. Perhaps they still have some there?
  11. I have one and I love it!!
    My local boutique has many... Gold epsom and bluejean and then some tpm aswell I saw a yellow I think
  12. Since this is a relatively new-ish thread still...what leathers does the messenger Vespa come in? I know Epsom for sure...what are the others?

    Does anyone have a general price range for the Vespa currently in USA? I'll ask in the current price thread as well...

  13. ^AFAIK, vespa comes in veau doblis, togo, boxcalf, barenia and matte croc. Not sure about other leathers.
  14. This should be read as the other types of leathers available other than epsom in response to kara_n's post. I'm not sure if vespa comes in shiny croc. I think there's a toile combo too if not mistaken.
  15. ^ Thank you.