vesna's collections

  1. thanks for sharing. Great collection! Love your rive gauche and the color of your twiggy looks amazing
  2. thansk so much, Rive Gauche is indeed my favorite
  3. love your style! Love the Muse II and of course all your besaces YSL...Thanks for sharing!
  4. Wow great collection!
  5. Thanks for sharing! You have a great collection!
  6. thanks Lady Moe, Bay and Flower 71 :smooch:
  7. here is my new fringe burnt orange YSL hobo, and better pics of Y-mail mirror and coin purse
  8. Burnt Orange LARGE hobo YSL suede 15"X10", with Tolani wool scarf

  9. Y-mail coin purse

  10. and Y-mail mirror

  11. Great Collection! I love the YSL muse.
  12. on its way - I HOPE all will be fine with it (do not want to jinx it): YSL medium downtown
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  13. Congrats!
    This is such a great bag :nuts:
  14. Beautiful Collection!
  15. thanks girls, it is so great to share with those who know and appreciate :hugs: