Very weird SA experience ..

  1. So, while DH is away hopefully buying a Chanel for me in Hong Kong, I decided to go to Neiman's in Short Hills and sneak a purchase. The SA (female, will remain nameless) actually refused to sell me anything!! She said that I would not want anything she had!! Is that weird or was I being totally dismissed? I have never had an SA tell me NOT to buy something. They give advice if a certain bag is not right for me - they will politely suggest another but in the end it is my decision. But in this case (and I bought my last two Chanels from her) ... she showed me NOTHING - even when I asked to see the stuff in the closet they keep closed. This is the same person who tells me in advance what is coming in or not. I don't get it?? Maybe she no longer wants me as a customer???
  2. I know alot of people like the SA at Chanel in NM in Short HIlls but I dont, well actually one woman there annoys me. Whenever I go she wants to know everything I bought and asks me to open up my boxes and she isnt my SA and doesnt know me....UGH! Anyhoo I dont like her. On the other hand Lee is Fabulous although I believe he isnt their Chanel SA he's just in Handbags

    Next time maybe try the chanel boutique?
  3. I have gone to the Chanel boutique and they are fine there - and you are right, Lee is a doll, he went through so much trouble to find a particular Prada for me.

    Perhaps the woman we are talking about is one and the same - just don't get it. She boasted how the fall line flew out of the store because SHE is such a good SA. I feel like I should write a letter or something. I am not trying to be vindictive but I was ready willing and able to buy - I wanted a cashmere east/west that they had but she didn't even bother talking to me about it.
  4. what kind of SA is that? she didnt make those bags!! lol

    I would definitely report her. is she mad? she is making commission! one explanation is that she won the lottery that day. lol
  5. omg!! i was there today at around 3:30 to 4... !!! what time were you there? lolx!!
  6. Was there yesterday. I have a feeling the SA in question is the senior SA there.
  7. I don't know the SA you are talking about, but I have never liked anyone at the Chanel counter in NM in SH mall. That's so odd that she didn't want to sell you anything, but then I think they are mostly all odd at that counter.

    I like the Chanel boutique there much better.
  8. I would complain to the supervisor, and if the SA's the supervisor, I'd take it up to the manager. That's quite rude for any SA:sad:
  9. Wow, that is VERY odd. I usually buy from the boutique at SH but often go into Neimans to browse and look around. I thought they were all ok. I bought only about 2 bags there. They are usually pretty attentive whenever I go in so I cant imagine NOT wanting to sell to someone. I would have asked another SA from the handbags dept to help me and let her know that the Chanel sa is not willing to help.
  10. why didn't you just ask another SA to help you?
  11. It's interesting..SA at NM in SF acted the same way towards me. I wanted to see if she had any credit card holders. I didn't think I looked ragged..I just came from work at an attorneys' office.

    She brushed me off saying, "we don't have things like that ..." so brazenly.

  12. Gawd ... that is SO rude. Having slaved away part-time at Nordstrom during my college years, I know you never turn down a customer. They are the ones that pay you -- commissions! As a salesgirl, you get a rep, too, among the local society gals. (And you want it to be a good rep so you can sell lots and lots.) These high-end stores actually force you to go through customer service and sales training to get these jobs. They teach you about being kind to every customer and that the "customer is always right." Sorry for the rant, but your story just irks me beyond belief.

    I would have found another sales associate. Of course, I might have been so mad that I'd leave. It's never happened to me, so I don't know. I guess if I were you I'd write a letter to the store manager including her name.

    Random side story about Chanel MAKEUP, one time when I was working at Nordstrom, this adolescent girl and her mother walked over to my department from the Chanel cosmetics counter. The mother goes, "The saleslady said she wouldn't sell anything to my daughter because she had 'no products that could ever help her.'" The 13-year-old had a bad case of acne and poor mom didn't know where to take her. The girl cried. It was horrible.
  13. Dont go there anymore for chanel or have lee help you, he has helped me in there b4 and is great.....go to the boutique IMO they have great customer service (even tho my SA left and I am devastated) but Naomi is great
  14. She was the only one there ..
  15. That is so strange! Was she rude? Or did she just keep saying that there was nothing there for you?

    Even if you walked in there in your pyjamas, it's an SA's job to assist you with sales - DUH! I would write a letter of complaint; at a place like chanel, service is part of the price you pay for the bags. This is unacceptable for chanel and I think NM would want to hear about it...