Very very "vert"

  1. Have been mostly lurking for a while while I discovered the greatness of tPF, but wanted to get in on the sharing action, so here are a couple of recent purchases...

    I adore the color green. Here is a vert gazon GGH part time that I was lucky enough to acquire when Swissflower so graciously let us know when she decided to return it to Barney's. I couldn't love it more and thank you again, Swiss. I hope you are enjoying that luscious violet GSH work.

    Balenciaga VG GGH PT dark background SM.jpg Balenciaga VG GGH PT foyer contrast SM.jpg Balenciaga VG GGH PT foyer SM revised.jpg
  2. Ooooh, I love that bag!!!! What an awesome find, enjoy!!!
  3. A couple action shots; fits great over shoulder; a benefit of the part time, i think...
    Balenciaga VG GGH PT elbow SM.jpg Balenciaga VG GGH PT shoulder SM.jpg
  4. its divine!!
  5. and a couple close up leather shots. note the contrast between leather textures on the two pieces that make up the back. i think it adds so much character to the bag.:love:
    Balenciaga VG GGH closeup SM.jpg Balenciaga VG GGH PT leather contrast SM.jpg
  6. wow.. that bag is gorgeous!! it looks fabulous on you!! Congrats on such a great find!!
  7. That is one stunning bag! :nuts: It looks so chic on you with the black and white houndstooth! Congrats on such a beauty!!!:woohoo:
  8. :yahoo: Oh, I'm so glad someone from tPF got this bag! It's gorgeous and looks amazing with your outfit! Love it!!!! Congrats!!
  9. and to go along with the vert theme, here's the second most recent purchase, a vert fonce RH city. She is probably feeling a little neglected since arrival of her flashier VG sister, but she should know I will always love her very very much as well. :heart:

    (honestly, VF looks more brown to me and is greenish only in very specific light. but since Bal calls it green, so will I!)
    Balenciaga VF city on door SM.jpg Balenciaga VF city elbow SM.jpg Balenciaga VF city leather SM.jpg
  10. It's a lovely bag! I've always been hesitant to buy green because I don't have that many outfits that match with it, but you look wonderful with it! Congratulations!
  11. wow!!! lovely bag..
    i wanna buy also..

    i like the style dude...
  12. Nice pics, and the bags aren't too shabby ;) Congrats!
  13. Whoah!!! Never seen one of these. What a fabulous find. Congrats!!!

  14. how gorgeous!!! it looks fabulous on you, congrats!!
  15. Wow ... great color, I love it! Congrats!